Sweet Talking In Sales Appointment Setting

April is celebrated as National Poetry month but for some people, poetry sounds like nothing more than sweet-talking. Does the kind of talk have room in a sales appointment? Those who hold a traditional view of corporate business might say yes. But then again, many sales advisors claim that the psychology of selling matters less than the sales process.

So which is it? Do you forego any hard facts like budget, need, or a prospect’s past experience? Or do you stick to them in order to determine if they’re really worth the time of your sales rep?

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Sales Appointment Setting – When to Call it a Day

A successful appointment setting campaign can be a double edge sometimes. Having a lot of leads and meeting so many prospects essentially means loads of opportunities.

It also, however, means loads of work for your salespeople and your appointment setters. You don’t need to see the signs of stress to realize that there’s a point when you need to call it a day.

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Want to Rush for Sales Leads? Get a Bigger Basket

All B2B marketers want sales leads. It’s what pays their bills, pays their company’s bills, and shows that all their hard work is paying off.

It’s not surprising that, when you’re getting the good hang of it, you start pushing for a higher production.

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The Biases Beneath Outsourced Telemarketing Services

When you go to an auto shop, you outsource doing your own oil changes. When you get a salon, you are outsourcing a job you could do yourself. It’s the same when you hire gardeners to do your yard.

It’s funny how, two to three generations ago, such ideas were unheard of.

Our grandparents all did their own gardening and other chores so why aren’t we?  It’s simply because someone else can do it better than us and does it more cheaply than we ever could.

In other cases, we just don’t want to do it but acknowledge that certain tasks need to be taken care of. The only reason why we’ve never called it ‘outsourcing’ is because it’s simple, so common. We take it for granted. But the truth is, that’s what outsourcing really looks like when you shrink it down.

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Lead Generation Tips – Monitor Symptoms of Sales Stress



Some sales people thrive on the stress of an incoming deadline and it’s a skill that can take one to higher positions in business. But for others, particularly those at the bottom, stress at work may have harmful effects. How do you manage your lead generation campaign to benefit either one? Answer: Watch for the signs.

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Financial Planning Leads – Less is Better than None?

One of the prime arguments for retention over acquisition is the 80/20 rule. This is often a favorite rule for those in the financial planning business. Long-term business relationships ensure more stability compared to constantly creating new ones with little thought of nurturing them afterwards.

On the other hand, what happens when retaining actually means getting less from your long-time customers? Does it mean generating more financial planning leads or is getting less still better than getting none?

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Lead Generation Tips – Going for the Big Gs

What are the Big Gs? The Gs stand for two things: government and giant business. And amongst B2B organizations, these two types of targets are popularly thought of as the biggest fish, the final boss, and the holy grail.

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