Should Lead Generators Risk Combining Buyer Personas?

You’ve heard of buyer personas before. These are the little profiles that sales lead generators use to categorize different prospects. This makes it easier to predict exactly what a customer might be looking for. It makes for faster qualification process and it serves as a springboard for speculating future customer demands.

Still, sometimes you can have one too many because you’ve grown to have so many different kinds of B2B customers. Could it be high time to cut down on the categories and maybe start mixing them up?

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How to Generate B2B Leads While Moving to Another Space

In business, there’s always a possibility of making a large move to another space. It could be something as permanent as relocating a branch. It could also be as temporary as fewer updates on your personal blog because you’ve announced your presence at an upcoming convention.

But in either case, it should never be a cause to stop generating B2B leads. Any day not spent trying to cultivate those leads is a day those leads could go to a competitor. What are the best ways to keep them solid and sales-ready even as you plan to make a big move? Continue reading…

Generating Sales Leads from ‘Copied’ Products

Sometimes a competitor presents such a disruptive and revolutionary product, you can’t help but want to replicate their success.

Then again, that’s actually one way to describe the premise of Avengers: Age of Ultron. When Tony Stark discovers an A.I. abandoned by the alien enemies of the previous film, he attempts to integrate it only for his ‘success’ to become the Avengers’ ultimate archnemesis: Ultron.

Anyone who even just watched half the movie can learn a lesson about trying to copy a competing product for the sake of creating ‘something better.’ So if you’re trying to generate sales leads for a product like that, you might want to avoid making similar mistakes.

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Why B2B Marketers Can Still Learn from Themselves and Not Just Big Brands

Big brands are never short of a marketing lesson. Sometimes however it’s not so much of what they do but what they shouldn’t have.

No really, there are some things that shouldn’t be done, even in the name of marketing (heck, especially marketing). There are plenty of things that B2B marketers can still learn from themselves instead.

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How Appointment Setters Can Use Value to Navigate Controversy

When it comes to marketing and consumer privacy, the brouhaha never ends. Then again, it’s not too surprising as newer technologies continue to create controversies as much as they create convenience.

For B2B appointment setters, this is a reality they’ve long grown accustomed to. Elusive decision makers and uncompromising gatekeepers constantly demonstrate the human desire for privacy. But you know, the one thing that ultimately brings down the walls and gets the conversation going is the value you present.

So no matter how controversial your marketing methods and tools can get, the best way to navigate it all is by consistently delivering value.

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Should Online Lead Generators Prepare for the Future or Prepare to Defy It?

This question is a little bold, if not outright blasphemous for those who praise technological innovation in business. But when companies like Google continue to foreshadow more radical changes to the online marketing dynamic, it’s really a question worth asking.

Are lead generators prepared for a day when their properties compete purely on their expertise? Is the threat of online monopoly on information so great that you’d rather defy it instead? There are no easy answers to the question that the future now poses.

No harm in trying though.

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How Appointment Setters Can Layer Quick Answers On Top of Complex Solutions

No matter your specific trade, any company that uses B2B appointment setters is all about complex solutions. You can try and word it in to something simpler for a particular target market to understand. That’s all on paper though. Executing things like remodeling your office or implementing a new management system for home-based employees are still complicated in practice.

It sounds bad at first. It feels like your company is doomed to forever lose in a world where even higher level managers are looking for a quick fix to everything.

The good news though is that a quick fix could be a layer to something more complex.

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Sales Leads Bloom Better When You Start Early

Contrary to what some think, sales leads don’t really bloom when you close the deal. In fact, closing the deal is really some place between watering the seed and making sure the plant sees the light of day.

That’s why when you’re generating these leads, it’s best to start early.

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Should B2B Marketers Show How Life is Really Like?

It’s commonly presumed that the reason people just scoff at commercials and hardly believe a thing on what products claim is the idea that marketers paint a rose-tinted image of what they’re selling.

And in a way, this presumption is true because how else can marketers get your potential clients interested enough to consider a sale? There’s nothing wrong with telling the truth but there’s nothing wrong with a little hyperbole just to catch attention either. Even B2B marketers have to embellish just a little in order to prompt those little subconscious signals in a decision maker’s brain.

But you know, maybe it’s better to not so much show what the product is really like but show how life is really like for the marketers themselves.

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Appointment Setting Tips – Speaking Human Requires Being Human

When was the last time you heard something like this?

“Don’t just speak human. Be human.”

It doesn’t have to be word for word but you’d normally expect this kind of rhetoric from the NGO or self-help guru crowd. You might think that it’s not all that connected to the practice of B2B marketing and lead generation right?

Well, what then is the point of speaking human to a very human audience?

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