How Sales Leads Look at The Business Side of the Coin (and Why That’s Good)

According to a lot of holiday movies, Christmas is all about the acts of giving, sharing, and anything else that’s actually not wrapped in a box. Families come together and hearts get all fuzzy. Meanwhile the guy selling the toys and the retailers housing him are scorned frivolous distractions.

What about the other side of the coin though? Who’s giving to that poor guy who’s got to deal with fussy, bargain hunting mommies and daddies? Perhaps your sales leads are the only chance they get at telling their side of the story.

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Early Sales Leads Are Sometimes the ONLY Sales Leads

They say the early bird gets the worm. But in more extreme cases, sometimes the early bird is the only one who has a worm. Similarly, sometimes the best sales leads are only the ones you get earlier than the rest of the competition. That means knowing when to be before everyone else could be a matter of life and death. How can your lead generators deal with the pressure?

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Good Lead Generation Starts with Leading By Example

You’ve heard of eating your own dog food? Apply that as a marketing concept and you’ve got yourself the framework for a good lead generation strategy. The challenging part though is the reality that organizations are not ‘perfect.’ Decision makers aren’t perfect.

How do you deal with these imperfections and make sure your value proposition isn’t sullied by bad examples?

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Sales Leads and The Quest Board

Some people believe that there should only be one kind of sales rep. While this kind of view has its perks, it can be a bit unrealistic for other organizations.

It’s like you’re one of those medieval fantasy guilds and there’s an adage going around saying there’s only one good type of adventurer. If that were true though, you’d think your sales leads would be like the same kind of quest on the quest board.

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Creating Sales Leads While Keeping Up With Social

Does the blog title sound like a really hefty task for most marketers (or even human beings)? There are quite a handful of popular social media channels as well as other digital broadcasting platforms. How do you propose to generate, follow-up, and close your sales leads all the while maintaining the life of an online personality?

Yes, there could be some merit when B2B marketers adopt the social media habits of a Kardashian. It’s just that not everyone in the world literally is one.

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Are Data-Driven Lead Generators Dead?

The title sounds like an announcement that’s far too early but if you’ve just read about Tesco, maybe it’s not as early as you think.

Naturally, this can be bad news if you value customer-centric businesses (both as clients and as your own marketing identity). If a company that claims to learn so much about its customers is still prone to huge failure, what about those who’ve come to live by this adage? Will lead generators now die by it as well?

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Social Sales Leads and Social Impact

Social justice is a hot button word and it’s not your fault that you constantly keep your distance for fear alienating a possible portion of your target market.

But when it’s caught up with your campaign to generate sales leads from social media, how do you keep from getting caught between a rock and a hard place?

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Digging Up Old Sales Leads And Piecing Them Anew

Most people regard the tale of Frankenstein’s monster as a cautionary one, a warning against those who defy boundaries of life and death. You can even see a parallel with the unwise resurrection of dead sales leads.

But you know, there’s always room for revision and reinterpretation. (Look at Dracula Untold.) What if you can actually piece together your old sales leads and put your monstrous creation into good use?

Good boy! Drive away those pesky peasants!

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Appointment Setting Tips – Disguise Your Value Proposition

What’s one appointment setting problem that often puts a dead halt in any possible engagement? Irrelevant content. People don’t want to engage when they don’t even take a second glance at the email you sent or the call you made.

Then again, there’s just so much to know about your business that summing it up in a single subject line seems impossible!

So here’s an alternative: Disguise your value proposition.

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