Lead Generation: The door to trust is hidden within the eyes

Have you ever play the “Trust Game?” with your family or friends? I bet you often play this with your wife or boy/girlfriend. Well, if you do play the game, you often hear something like this before “If you can’t look at me for 5 seconds then that means you’re lying” Well, truth be told that the eyes hide our true intention. So if you ever try to cover up something, I suggest you don’t. Because no matter what you do, your eyes will betray you in the end.

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Email Marketing: How to avoid Email Blunder “Irrelevant Information”

Imagine this – You’ve put a lot of time with your email campaign, you’ve laid out important details such as Content, Beautiful artworks, and recipient list. Now you’ve just clicked ‘Send’. Seeing it, go out and arrive in your own inbox, only to realize that your email is full of typos The nightmare of email marketers is happening to you. What will you do? How will you get out of this mess?

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Effective ways to maximize your event marketing plan

One of the question marketers tend to ask themselves “Does Conferences or events generate leads?” I can honestly say this to those marketers that doubt event marketing. Yes, it does generate leads, a more qualified leads if I do say so. Maybe you ask this because you haven’t tried it or you’re doing it wrong.

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7 effective ways to make your prospects comfortable with you

Sales are essential to business, without being able to sell, businesses can’t gain clients.

Being able to get prospects to lower their guard and sell them your services means that you are able to make your prospect feel comfortable with you. And this is one thing that marketers should do, make your prospects feel comfortable.

But of course, you can’t really make them feel comfortable if you can’t make them trust you. Remember that trust is hard to come by, let alone that you just only met through phone or the day before.

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Getting your Message through the Social Media Noise

Let’s face it, we are behind than everyone else. Everyone is getting through the noise without worry while the rest of us are trying to find some way to be ahead of others. Welcome to the Social Media.

As a marketer, we are looking for a way to cut through this noise and speak what we can offer to our prospective audience, but this isn’t easy to accomplish.

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What every salesperson does that makes prospect run away.

Surely, you’ve encountered a prospect that took a liking to your service or product and when they come to meet you, they’ll back out at the last minute. And I know for a fact that this irritates you to the point that you’ll bad mouth this prospect.

After your moment of “Anger” the only thing that is left to do is, answer this question, Why did this prospect back down at the last minute? Well, there are a lot of reasons why, but I’ll give you the most three common reasons of them all and the most unthinkable reasons.

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How to: Get prospect’s attention to your services

Business owners need leads in order to grow their revenue. “Easy said than done” that’s what all  business owners will tell you. But what if, I could tell you that there’s a secret in getting a  prospect’s attention to your business.It is very simple and easy too.

Sure, I may be exaggerating here, but there is a way in getting your prospect’s attention and who knows, maybe you’re using them now but not in the way you think it is.

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Knowing the right time: Appointment Setting

One and the most difficult task a marketer may face, is the dreaded Appointment Setting. Every marketer assigned to do this task often panics and feel lightheaded, who wouldn’t be? When it’s the second to last of sealing a sales deal.  

How can we set an appointment when we often receive responses such as “I’m not interested” or “Would you call again next week?” for some reasons, it seems that we are being avoided. Well, it’s not a surprise if we receive such response. Why? Because we are calling them  at a bad time

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Telemarketing: A dying strategy?

Will Telemarketing End?

“Celebrate as phoning customers will soon end, for it is intrusive and outdated”

I’ve read an article just a while ago stating that Telemarketing is a dying tactic. But is it?

Cited by Gary Mortimer from QUT Business school

“It’s all about big data… it’s all about digital”

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