B2B Marketing and Back-to-Basics Education

Most people think that to get ahead of your business competitors, you need to give customers the latest, the most innovative, the most groundbreaking etc, etc. You don’t normally think of marketing anything that’s common knowledge.

The thing with common knowledge though is that it’s still being sold. A good example would be kindergarten. Toddlers are the best proof you have that not everyone knows how to read. You can extend this to other subjects that are unfamiliar to your prospects even though they may be common knowledge elsewhere. Sometimes your B2B marketing strategy works best when you go back to basics instead of striving so much to tell them something new:

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Grouping Sales Leads – How Attitudes towards Google+ Demonstrate a Diverse Market

You’ve heard of buyer profiles before. It’s not only a staple for generating sales leads. It symbolizes a solid reality in B2B marketing: No customer is the same as any other. But with differences, there often comes conflicts. How can you maintain a steady flow of sales leads while knowing that you’re doing business with people who have major disagreements with each other?

If you want an example, look no further than attitudes towards Google+. On one hand, some marketers say it’s a ghost town. Yet for others, it’s a social media haven. When you somehow end up catering to both demographics, how do you keep your entire customer base together?

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Lead Generation and the Secret R&D Lab

In the spirit of Comic-Con, here’s a little trope that’s often recognized but not openly talked about: Research, Inc. Technically, every company has its own version of the R&D department. But when it comes to seeing it in movies, it’s usually the department that’s often shrouded in mystery (even to other employees). They’re the guys holed either underground or in their own office. Rarely do they come out and most often comments about their work are cryptic. Nobody knows what they’re doing except it is top secret and uber important at the same time.

That’s kind of frustrating when transparency and authenticity win big points in today’s marketing. These same points could make a huge difference in your lead generation campaign. Should you build this much-needed trust or are some things really just best kept secret?

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Lead Generation Tips – Secret World Cup Viewings and Other Awkward Moments

Let’s face it. At least half the world was still watching FIFA even when their favorite team was out of the game. Not only that, more than half of those numbers were also likely doing it while still at work (if articles like this were any indication).

So chances are you may have run into some pretty awkward moments in your lead generation campaign. Can you get any more awkward than calling your prospect while they’re in the middle of watching a global soccer game?

If you caught your prospects watching, pretending to be busy for everyone else, would it be a good idea to open the topic of the World Cup? Did you just step on a land mine?

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Appointment Setting Tips – Helping the New Guy in Sales

Sometimes the new guy isn’t just some intern working in the back office. Sometimes it’s a new member of your sales team. But like any new hire, there’s a typical chance that they need a lot of help working with your business’ older appointment setting process.

You might think that this could be due to your marketing strategy, the tasks you may (or may not) have outsourced, target industry etc. That’s partially correct. The other part though is that they could still freeze up when it’s their turn to finally meet a prospect (regardless of how good your marketing is).

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Sales Lead Generation and Football Fallbacks

Google’s Doodle is back to normal. Twitter’s put down the hashflags. It looks like it’s going to be business as usual on the internet now that the World Cup’s over.

And if your lead generation campaign has been riding these waves, it might be high time to change course. But where to next? If you’re struggling with this question, you might be like the many who neglected to have a fallback.

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Long-term B2B Marketing Must Adapt Early to Growth Pains

Anyone who’s ever dreamed of making a business bigger than what it currently is shouldn’t underestimate the scale. It’s like growing your own mean, little alien. Eventually, it’ll have to start growing more parts than what it’s currently got.

That can be a bit painful and that pain doubles if you can’t get your B2B marketing campaign to adapt. As much specialization helps highlight the uniqueness of your product, the reality is that larger competitors might beat you just from being able to grow faster and bigger.

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Appointment Setting Tips – Re-Establishing Credibility

Being wrong the first time can hurt customer trust and it makes it harder to acquire the same customer in your appointment setting campaigns.

This is bad for a number of reasons, the main one being you get more long-term sales if you invest in a long-term customer versus constantly generating new ones. Long-term, repeat customers require stronger trust.

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Telemarketing Tips – Good Intentions Must Be Made Clear

The 4th of July represents everything about American freedom. But for some B2B marketers, Facebook’s recent mishandling of its secret psychological experiment might be the biggest ironic slap in the holiday’s history (alongside fears of a government probe).

That’s not without good reason which is why you should never make the same mistake that the social network did: being unclear about its good intentions. This applies to online research as well as research that uses more traditional forms of customer engagement like telemarketing.

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