Lead Generation Tips – Got a Niche? Well Five Can Play That Game!

Finding a niche is typically the first order of business when trying to outdo competitors. After all, what better way to get ahead than in a space where you won’t find them?

In reality though, finding a niche is more than just trying to create an accurate, innovative lead generation strategy. It’s about establishing your hold on that niche before your competitors do. The niche is like a game. It won’t be long before your competitors start playing it too!

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How Cynics Can and Cannot Be Good Lead Generators

Cynicism isn’t the healthiest behavior to have in marketing and business. It’s only refuge (if not excuse) is a need to be realistic when setting goals and defining qualified prospects. But as far as whole campaigns go, the tendency to be skeptical of any method can dangerously undermine objectives.

But if you want a simpler idea on how cynicism can help or harm a lead generation strategy, look at the Ice Bucket Challenge.

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B2B Lead Generation Tips – Damage Control Lessons from TMNT (Part 2)

Last week, you learned the first two damage control techniques employed to defend the latest Teenage Ninja Turtles movie. In the second installment, you’ll learn that not only did the film hit huge box office numbers (even rivaling Guardians of the Galaxy) but also the third, final secret technique to saving a campaign under fire.

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B2B Lead Generation Tips – Damage Control Lessons from TMNT (Part 1)

By now, you’ve probably heard plenty about the mixed reception the new Ninja Turtles movie’s been getting. Chances are, plenty of it was the result of out of marketing completely letting things run wild. (Case in point: the insistent highlighting of Michael Bay’s name.)

Luckily the fiasco teaches plenty of ninjutsu lessons on quick damage control. In this two-part series, you can learn how the style can work for your own lead generation campaign.

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Use Your Sales Lead Generation Machine to Break the Pickets

Ever get tired of the same old critics saying the same old thing about how awful today’s marketing is? Are you weary of hearing how your ads don’t offer anything relevant? Finally, are you sick of how all this criticism reaches to ridiculous levels like political movements and fringe, anti-corporate philosophies?

If you are, it’s high time that you reinvent your sales lead generation strategy. Particularly, turn it into something that mows down those pickets (figuratively of course).

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Turning Appointment Setting into a Self-Help Session

You may not be a shrink but turning a sales appointment into a self-help session is a lot more reasonable than the typical Mad Men approach that’s colored B2B marketing and sales. Whether it’s throwing in a hotline in your appointment setting process to regular check-ups by your lead generators, it’s all in line with what is commonly advised by many B2B marketing experts.

Then again, is it?

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B2B Marketing and Back-to-Basics Education

Most people think that to get ahead of your business competitors, you need to give customers the latest, the most innovative, the most groundbreaking etc, etc. You don’t normally think of marketing anything that’s common knowledge.

The thing with common knowledge though is that it’s still being sold. A good example would be kindergarten. Toddlers are the best proof you have that not everyone knows how to read. You can extend this to other subjects that are unfamiliar to your prospects even though they may be common knowledge elsewhere. Sometimes your B2B marketing strategy works best when you go back to basics instead of striving so much to tell them something new:

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Grouping Sales Leads – How Attitudes towards Google+ Demonstrate a Diverse Market

You’ve heard of buyer profiles before. It’s not only a staple for generating sales leads. It symbolizes a solid reality in B2B marketing: No customer is the same as any other. But with differences, there often comes conflicts. How can you maintain a steady flow of sales leads while knowing that you’re doing business with people who have major disagreements with each other?

If you want an example, look no further than attitudes towards Google+. On one hand, some marketers say it’s a ghost town. Yet for others, it’s a social media haven. When you somehow end up catering to both demographics, how do you keep your entire customer base together?

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