How Appointment Setters Can Layer Quick Answers On Top of Complex Solutions

No matter your specific trade, any company that uses B2B appointment setters is all about complex solutions. You can try and word it in to something simpler for a particular target market to understand. That’s all on paper though. Executing things like remodeling your office or implementing a new management system for home-based employees are still complicated in practice.

It sounds bad at first. It feels like your company is doomed to forever lose in a world where even higher level managers are looking for a quick fix to everything.

The good news though is that a quick fix could be a layer to something more complex.

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Sales Leads Bloom Better When You Start Early

Contrary to what some think, sales leads don’t really bloom when you close the deal. In fact, closing the deal is really some place between watering the seed and making sure the plant sees the light of day.

That’s why when you’re generating these leads, it’s best to start early.

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Should B2B Marketers Show How Life is Really Like?

It’s commonly presumed that the reason people just scoff at commercials and hardly believe a thing on what products claim is the idea that marketers paint a rose-tinted image of what they’re selling.

And in a way, this presumption is true because how else can marketers get your potential clients interested enough to consider a sale? There’s nothing wrong with telling the truth but there’s nothing wrong with a little hyperbole just to catch attention either. Even B2B marketers have to embellish just a little in order to prompt those little subconscious signals in a decision maker’s brain.

But you know, maybe it’s better to not so much show what the product is really like but show how life is really like for the marketers themselves.

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Appointment Setting Tips – Speaking Human Requires Being Human

When was the last time you heard something like this?

“Don’t just speak human. Be human.”

It doesn’t have to be word for word but you’d normally expect this kind of rhetoric from the NGO or self-help guru crowd. You might think that it’s not all that connected to the practice of B2B marketing and lead generation right?

Well, what then is the point of speaking human to a very human audience?

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Lead Generation Tips – When Your Prospect Seems ‘Too Good for You.’

It’s something of a stupid romantic cliché but it can have a shocking relevance to B2B relationships as well. Some prospects look upon a particular service or product and deem themselves ‘too good’ to see any use for them.

A knee-jerk, if not all too emotional, reaction would be to dismiss such prospects as arrogant and choosy. However, should that always be the default response of your lead generation strategy?

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Fiction, Fact, and B2B Marketing

For most people, the Golden Globes are seen as both a fancy awards night as well as another standard for measuring what comes out of Hollwood. What most people miss however is that it’s also an event that rewards great storytelling.

And in B2B marketing, storytelling has become the new Golden Globe standard for creating content. A particularly unique challenge however is that storytelling has tendencies to blur fiction and fact.

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How Sales Leads Look at The Business Side of the Coin (and Why That’s Good)

According to a lot of holiday movies, Christmas is all about the acts of giving, sharing, and anything else that’s actually not wrapped in a box. Families come together and hearts get all fuzzy. Meanwhile the guy selling the toys and the retailers housing him are scorned frivolous distractions.

What about the other side of the coin though? Who’s giving to that poor guy who’s got to deal with fussy, bargain hunting mommies and daddies? Perhaps your sales leads are the only chance they get at telling their side of the story.

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Early Sales Leads Are Sometimes the ONLY Sales Leads

They say the early bird gets the worm. But in more extreme cases, sometimes the early bird is the only one who has a worm. Similarly, sometimes the best sales leads are only the ones you get earlier than the rest of the competition. That means knowing when to be before everyone else could be a matter of life and death. How can your lead generators deal with the pressure?

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Good Lead Generation Starts with Leading By Example

You’ve heard of eating your own dog food? Apply that as a marketing concept and you’ve got yourself the framework for a good lead generation strategy. The challenging part though is the reality that organizations are not ‘perfect.’ Decision makers aren’t perfect.

How do you deal with these imperfections and make sure your value proposition isn’t sullied by bad examples?

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