lead generation, email marketing, business to business leadsIn this day and age where IT and tech become more integrated into how business is done, every marketer should make sure to understand and learn how email marketing works and its use in lead generation. For every B2B company that seeks to find new clients and customers, email marketing should become one of their major methods of lead generation.

The thing is, as said above, every marketer should learn how to use it as part of their company’s marketing tactics. Email marketing isn’t exactly the same as B2B telemarketing; it’s not even similar to direct mail marketing. And why is that? That’s because email marketing makes heavy use of the Internet in order to get your messages where they should be – your prospects’ inboxes.

Unfortunately, we cannot teach you how to be effective at performing email marketing to generate more B2B sales leads(that’s going to take one big PDF to do). We can, however, provide you with some helpful tips on doing marketing via the wonderful method of email.

Protip 1: Email marketing has its limits.

Many marketers believe that the key to getting prospects to convert into leads is continuous engagement with them. Well, such is true and does work… but that usually only occurs when you are dealing with interested prospects. When you are trying to nurture prospects that show a visible interest in what you are offer, then engaging with them continuously and on higher levels will most likely yield good results.

That is not always the case when you do email marketing though. Some prospects are quick to just delete your marketing emails from their inboxes; some of your messages may even just go directly into their spam folder. Also, repeatedly sending the same content to prospects that do not respond will just put you on the road to annoying them and asking to be taken off of your mailing list. Make sure to keep in mind that email marketing has its limits.

Protip 2: Keep emails short and simple.

Generating business to business leads through the use of emails means that you have to structure your messages and tailor them according to the preferences of your prospects. Unfortunately, marketers cannot spend time and create unique emails for each and every recipient they have in their mailing list. As such, to achieve good results in lead generation through email marketing, marketers would need to learn to create effective and powerful messages that get their points across all the while making sure that they meet what their prospects deem as an effective (and tolerable) email.

To achieve this, marketers must adhere to the KISS principle – keep it short and simple – when marketing through email. Marketers should learn to keep their email messages short with a length that prospects will not see as too long to read as well as with a simple thought and direct to the point message that doesn’t unnecessarily beat around the bush.

Email marketing is a fast and cost-effective method of getting your messages across to your prospects. The key to succeeding in doing it is to make sure that you know its limits and are able to create messages that your prospects will want to read as well as pack your thoughts into a simple and short headline as well as in its content.