Telemarketing is now evolving as a lead response tool and is becoming more of an inbound channel. However, there are specific situations where outbound telemarketing is the ideal way to reach B2B sales leads. At certain points in campaigns relying heavily on direct marketing channels, calling business leads first is the only reasonable option.

Direct marketing consists of email, direct mail, and telemarketing. Many lead generation campaigns revolve around these marketing channels in one way or another, using any of the three as the first contact point. However, there are particular cases where you should initially communicate with your business sales leads through phone conversations.

Sales Leads, B2B Sales Leads, TelemarketingYou should definitely consider telemarketing as the first contact point in your campaign if you’re:

1. Emphasizing your unique value proposition. Outbound telemarketing is an excellent channel for delivering your value proposition. There’s just no substitute for engaging in a meaningful conversation when you want to emphasize your value proposition to your target business leads or sales leads. Of course, email and direct mail also work well at achieving this goal, but telemarketing tops both channels because of the human voice component.

2. Qualifying opportunities in your sales leads list. You need to call contacts in your sales leads database first to find out which of them are already ripe for conversion or further nurturing. Here, telemarketing presents a clear advantage over the other two channels. Phone interactions give you instant response and allow you to quickly assess the status of your B2B leads.

3. Understanding your target prospects better. Similar to the previous point, the ability to instantly capture responses from your B2B leads in phone conversations make telemarketing an ideal discovery tool. By picking up the phone, you can gather more information about your business leads such as their purchasing process, buying roles, other pain points, expectations, etc.

4. Laying the groundwork for multichannel campaigns. Some lead generation experts suggest using telemarketing as an email opt-in tactic. Aside from collecting relevant information, cold calling can also help you gain permission from your business leads for receiving email later in your lead generation campaign. This, however, may not be universally applicable as some campaigns may benefit more from taking an email-first approach.

Can you think of other situations where you need to call your B2B leads first?