A recent Experian QAS report shows that as much as 94% of companies think there’s something wrong with the marketing data they’re storing. That’s a very large percentage, and it certainly raises the possibility that your business is part of this group too. Can you even imagine the havoc bad data could wreak on something as precise and coordinated as your targeted outbound telemarketing campaigns?

Well, there’s no need to hit the panic button just yet. If you think you can’t completely trust every byte of data for your inside sales campaign, then follow these tried-and-tested remedies to cure whatever ails your marketing databases.

1. Focus on the right metrics. Most database marketing professionals and telemarketers think that ROI is the best indicator of data quality. Obviously, working with poor data translates to unfavorable ROI levels for your telemarketing lead generation campaigns. In fact, bad data can lead to a reduction in ROI by almost a third. That’s a huge drop by any measure, so keep track of your campaign ROI and check your marketing database for abnormal values.

2. Follow clear screening rules. One of the main reasons why marketing data quality tends to easily erode is the sheer number of database management points involved, which increases the likelihood of input errors to occur. Having a clear set of strict standards for accepting and rejecting specific bits of information is a key step in ensuring high data quality.

3. Isolate new data temporarily. In line with point #2, thoroughly screening for input errors can save your campaign a great deal of resources later on. It’s important that you keep a temporary storage location for newly-collected or acquired information to make quality checks more convenient and reliable. Once specific pieces of information pass your standards, you can then
have them integrated into your main database.

4. Perform manual data checks. Yes, using automated list management systems saves you a significant amount of time and effort, but there are things in data maintenance that you just can’t leave to machines or algorithms. For example, some forms of redundancies are best checked and fixed manually. Working with data quality specialists can be your best choice if you
don’t want to get your hands soiled with dirty data.

5. Streamline your databases. Database streamlining and segmentation can work as both a means for curing and preventing bad data. Make sure that you’re only gathering and storing the information that you really need in your telemarketing campaign. Also see to it that your lists and other databases have already been segmented according to relevant criteria.

Data maintenance is a continuing process, not a one-time affair. That’s why telemarketers like you have to carry regular data cleansing procedures throughout the year. To find more data quality solutions for your telemarketing resources, contact a reputable database scrubbing services provider or talk to your call list vendor today.