Sales are essential to business, without being able to sell, businesses can’t gain clients.

Being able to get prospects to lower their guard and sell them your services means that you are able to make your prospect feel comfortable with you. And this is one thing that marketers should do, make your prospects feel comfortable.

But of course, you can’t really make them feel comfortable if you can’t make them trust you. Remember that trust is hard to come by, let alone that you just only met through phone or the day before.

They don’t need someone who they hardly know talks about how they can make their business grow. They want someone who can guarantee them that it will grow and build a healthy relationship with them.  It’s easier to lower your prospects defenses by following the tips below.

  1. Smile There’s magic when people smile, and it can really bring out the best of them. When you talk, smiling and laughing can help prospect feel at ease.
  2. Let Them Talk – This is one thing that marketers tend to forget. You aren’t giving a seminar or a presentation. You’re talking to a prospect that isn’t sure whether to trust you yet so before explaining your services or product, why not ask them about their day or such.
  3. Listen and Wait – When they talk, you need to be attentive, and encouraging your prospect to talk about them gives you the opportunity to learn from them. So while he/she talks why not take notes or understand where they’re going in their talk. And wait for the time to speak, you don’t want to be rude at them do you?
  4. Be true to them – Well, you don’t want them to think you’re a know-it-all if you act that you know stuff. Don’t act like that, why? Because prospect wants to find out if you can be true to them. If you can’t be then, surely you’ve failed them already.
  5. Say their name – It’s improper to say one’s first name when you don’t know them, that’s why people call them by their last name. But this is different, you want them to trust you right? Then saying their name isn’t going to offend your prospect, they will just call you by your first name too, which means that they are lowering their guard to you.
  6. Be a guide, not a salesperson – Forget that you are a salesperson, act as if you’re their guide to a better future. You are just ensuring them that they are in good hands when they agree to do business with you, but avoid being pushy.
  7. Remind prospect they hold the final decision – The decision isn’t yours, but it’s theirs. Don’t forget that or else, your hard work will be for nothing. Prospects are just analyzing whether you can make them trust you, and by accepting the fact that they hold the final decision means that you don’t regret talking to them, instead you enjoyed it.

Making them comfortable is one thing that marketers needs to do for prospects. It’s not all about sales, it’s all about building relationship