Sales Leads, Qualified Business Sales Leads, Appointment SettingIt’s very easy to make expensive mistakes in B2B appointment setting. In this delicate art, slight lapses in judgment can lead to serious consequences down the road. That’s why even the most trivial of errors has to be corrected and prevented from happening. So, which mistakes should you watch out for in your campaigns?

There’s a long list of B2B appointment setting blunders every practitioner is susceptible of committing, but we’ll center today’s blog post on two critical mistakes that can easily plague your campaign if you’re not careful.

As you very well know, there’s more to B2B appointment setting than simply trying to stuff your pipeline with as much sales leads as you can. It’s this basic truth, when overlooked, that results in the following mistakes:


Enthusiasm is an important element in generating qualified business leads, but too much of it can wreak havoc on your B2B appointment setting campaign. Overselling takes on several forms such as rushing the sale, paying little attention to the prospect, exaggerating your claims, and other aggressive (and almost spam-like) calling practices.

There’s just no place in B2B appointment setting for overselling as it tends to do more harm than good. With overly aggressive appointment setting tactics, you’ll only end up alienating your marketing leads and even causing irreversible damage to your brand. So be sure to pace yourself, establish rapport, and educate your prospects before making your offer.


Quite in contrast to the previous B2B appointment setting mistake but still as equally harmful to your campaign, underselling is another serious blunder to avoid. No matter how well you’ve started your conversation with your prospect or how effectively you’ve generated interest in your solution, your success still hangs on how you present your offer. Inflexibility, lack of preparation, inability to manage the conversation, and failure to follow up with marketing leads are all symptoms of underselling.

Similar to its counterpart, underselling is an unacceptable condition in B2B appointment setting. It essentially defeats the purpose of calling up your sales leads in the first place and leaves you incurring opportunity costs in lost sales. That’s why you need to drive the conversation and make your offer when the right time comes.

While you may think that these are fairly simple mistakes to avoid, you’d be surprised at how many practitioners of B2B appointment setting make these errors. So, try to balance your approach and time your offers accordingly.