Being wrong the first time can hurt customer trust and it makes it harder to acquire the same customer in your appointment setting campaigns.

This is bad for a number of reasons, the main one being you get more long-term sales if you invest in a long-term customer versus constantly generating new ones. Long-term, repeat customers require stronger trust.

Although, that doesn’t mean you have to be 100% perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s like fixing some links to clarify your sources. For SEO marketers that can be bad news as Google’s algorithms give fewer points to the changing links. The truth though is that who doesn’t give the wrong link from time to time?

In that same manner, you shouldn’t despair when you try to fix some of your earlier mistakes. What’s important is you learnt to do it right and you work extra to regain lost trust.

  • Step 1: Damage report – Like all accidents, damage to your credibility can be as minor as a bumper scratch to as major as a motor crash. You don’t have to be an insurance company to realize it’s important to assess the actual damage that was done by your company’s mistake.
  • Step 2: Act twice and fast – Again, you might need to work a little extra but exactly how much depends on what was damaged. If it’s something as minor as a few tweaked links, simply continue creating better content and updating your blogs. If it’s something big, better brace yourself for the long haul.
  • Step 3: Learn, duh – The best thing about mistakes is that you learn how to not do them again. You want to stay sane? Don’t live up to its definition of doing the same thing but expecting different results. The bigger the mistake, the more you need to learn from what you did wrong and the better you will be at fixing it.
  • Step 4: Be more right – Don’t let the mistakes from the past hold you back from marketing your company’s efforts to solving your customer’s problems. Find more customers willing to give testimonies about your company’s services. Increase the number of ways you continue to build brand reputation.

Believe it or not, these things matter when setting appointments with disappointed prospects. Damage can be as minimal that they won’t even bring it up or even if they do, you’d at least have a lot extra work behind you to make a case for a second chance.