B2B telemarketing, lead generationAs you may know, we’re now in the middle of a hotly-contested election year and, if history is any guide, political party supporters are now once again turning to the power of telemarketing as another weapon in their campaign arsenal. Unfortunately, the very nature of political advertising can have a negative impact on decent and genuine B2B telemarketing campaigns. Here are a few guidelines to help your business lead generation project to avoid sounding like a political campaign.

Needless to say, political ads and B2B telemarketing are quite different both in content and delivery. Politically-oriented telemarketing campaigns carry messages based on promises which are difficult, if not impossible, to keep. Their scripts are usually bent toward discrediting opponents and have time horizons not going beyond the current election season. These are some of the qualities you must avoid in your own business lead generation project at all costs.

In terms of content, good B2B telemarketing messages are informative and useful. Genuine telemarketing efforts focus on the value received by their prospects in choosing their products, values which are based on sound assumptions not on exaggerations. Effective B2B lead generation always offers a brand as an alternative choice to its competitors, not as a direct substitute.

Above all, B2B telemarketing campaigns must always keep the audience at the center. This is where most political ads fail as they tend to focus too much on the candidate and not really on the voters. In fact, making it all about the prospects is what separates a successful B2B telemarketing strategy from the rest. Stop talking how good your products and services are and start telling your contacts their side of the story.

So there you have it. Some reminders on how you can fine-tune your B2B telemarketing campaign to sound like a useful tip, not as an unsolicited command. Again, the main take-away here is keeping your prospects in the center of your efforts.