The Golden Globe Awards marks a seasonal start when outstanding actors, actresses, directors and screen writers are acknowledged for their contribution to the entertainment industry.

Why not take this time as a chance to start awarding your best customers?

It’s not uncommon for marketers reward the prospects who have become the ones contributing a major percentage of your business. Besides, the success of the business depends not just on your sales leads but the relationships they create. And common as it is, there is always value in showing someone how much you appreciate their role (whether they’re an actor or the people driving your revenue).

Although, there is one other reason that’s a bit more overlooked when it comes to awards.

Look at the prestige of the Golden Globe Award. It’s an honor that would give any artist a significant boost in reputation. It wouldn’t be surprising if the next project that bears his or her name would draw more attention and pretty soon, they’re on blockbuster movie posters worldwide.

What better way to boost your own customers (and encourage other prospects to boot)? It gives them a lot more from using your products asides from the products themselves. If there was a goal their business achieved through your help, you only add to that achievement.

You can create a simple rewards program with just the following steps:

  • Step 1: Impress it upon them. For example, there is a new batch of newly converted prospects and you start handing out annual awards for the most interactive ones. How do you make it immediately known that these awards were worth it? Consider discounts and valuable freebies. Leave an immediate impression that will have them coming back.
  • Step 2: Inspire interaction and correspondence. Acknowledgement is another form of communication. Sharing options, answers and correspondence are a part of marketing. That can take a whole new level if you give a little more extra in the form of an award.
  • Step 3: Don’t be shallow about it. When you’re focused on value, it should naturally follow that you’re not shallow about it. If an award ceases to be worth it, your client will see it all as just a ploy.

Awards are what they are because they both recognize and give more value to the people they’re given to. If you’re looking to keep your best clients, you couldn’t find a better way.