They say that the first iPhone was what truly set the benchmark for today’s mobile industry. From apps to multi-touch screens, from playing MP3s to surfing the net, the birth of the iPhone felt like it finally broke into a new stage, a new territory.

If this was your company, it’d feel like your lead generation campaigns would have you undefeated. Because, hey, you’re the first! You created the market! Heck, you might even believe you are the market. There’s no need to worry about being the best when you’re the only company in a hundred miles who can provide a particular product or service.

How long will it last though?

Apple certainly has come a long way. And with the release of the iPhone 6, it’s got no intention of stepping down. But unlike the iPhone’s glory days, it’s clear that the title of being the best is no longer the same as being the one and only.

It’s not that hard to imagine the same thing happening to your business. What’s hard could be predicting when this will happen, will it ever happen, and whether or not it’s a good thing that it does. Consider the following:

  • Increasing demand – On the one hand, you know your lead generation campaigns get to score big with increased demand for your products. You’d like to be as high as you can get. But while that’s basic marketing, you should be careful if the demand starts to grow beyond your company’s capacity to provide.
  • Demand creates competition – The moment you begin struggling to meet demand, the birth of a competing provider is inevitable. Just like Apple, there will eventually be a Samsung to your iPhone. And when that time comes, there will no longer only be one. At times, it won’t just be two either. Pretty soon, the standard you set will find itself replaced by something that doesn’t completely describe your products or your competitors. The battle has begun.
  • Avoiding stagnation – On the bright side, the birth of competition also strengthens another important business process: Innovation. Even before you had competition, you already had customer issues and problems to keep you busy. Meeting your eventual rivals is just another way of knowing that things are going to the next level.

Having the prize for being the only one is only as good as how well you can improve yourself without the entry of real competition. But when that happens, your lead generation strategies shouldn’t just be about expecting losses but knowing the gains you can make from learning about new challenges.