No doubt summer means a lot of sun and travel for many, including CEOs.  Forget pricy air travel, gassing up the family car, expensive hotels, or even VIP security concerns. Plenty CEOs have found ways to avoid such worries when they travel.

You can tell by the way they’d just check their email once a day and expect themselves and everyone else to stick to it. Anything like an emergency meeting is strictly limited from filling up their calendar.

After all, vacations are the ultimate reset button, offering respite from all the company politics and rat racing. That’s why they want a clear line between a real break and a fancy business trip. It only makes sense that they’d want B2B marketers to also respect that distinction even if they’re willing to hear your offer while they’re sipping cocktails on a yacht.

It’s not actually the norm for most business owners to cut off all contact. It’s more common for them to just give more responsibility to key leaders or managers by leaving them at the helm. They’re still likely to check in every now and then or ask for the occasional status report. So in order to contact a vacationing executive, you need to exercise the same amount of timing and restraint:

  • Learn about vacation time averages – Vacation leaves can differ greatly between industries and companies. Get the general idea of your target market’s average benefits and how much of it they’re likely to consume. So in a sense, it’s just like compensation and like compensation, they have their general statistics that aren’t beyond the research of any decent marketing campaign.
  • Keep an eye out for pre-vacation habits – Ideally, nobody goes on vacation without a plan. How much more CEOs? Their calendars aren’t just for big board meetings or company announcements. It’s likely they’re already prepping their business for their temporary absence so check to see if this would be a better time than when they’re flying off to Disney World with their kids.
  • Don’t undervalue yourself – Finally, you should also remember to a have a bit of confidence. If you truly believe that you have something worth discussing (even while they’re tanning on a private beach), then you need to show it! Don’t sound nervous when you either make the call or write it out in a personal email.

Now you might think it’s not entirely flattering for all CEOs to get lumped in with the Donald Trump crowd.