b2b telemarketing, teleprospecting, lead generation telemarketing, telemarketingGenerating leads through B2B telemarketing is something that many businesses do. For some, telemarketing serves to bey their key lead generator, and therefore their primary source of sales. With a successful telemarketing campaign comes not only sales and leads, but it also serves to allow you to get in contact with targets far beyond your normal reach had you not chosen to use B2B telemarketing as part of your marketing tactics.

When you do teleprospecting however, you cannot expect everyone to give an immediate reply to your offers. You will most likely be generating plenty of appointments, however you will also be find that there will be prospects who are a bit undecided on which course of action they should take when you first give them a call. Some will tell you that the reason why they cannot come to a decision is that because they do not have the proper authority, others will tell you that it is because they are busy and do not have room in their current schedule to discuss further with you.

It matters not what the reason is, it is clear that these people you are contacting through your campaign are either not interested or are honest with their answers and can really not come to any set decision. As such, you are going to need to follow-up with these prospects in the near future. Here are a few quick tips in doing follow-up calls for your lead generation telemarketing campaign:

Set-up grounds for making a follow-up call.

Before you decide to make a follow-up call, you should always make sure that your prospect is informed. Do you really want to make a call to a person who is unsure about whether or not they are really interested in your services? I do not think so. As such, it is important that your prospects know that you are going to call them in advance. One way to do this is to tell them yourself during the course of the first call, given that is if the prospect remains unsure on their decision about your offer, or just cannot discuss further details at the moment.

Utilize emails as part of your follow-up plan.

When you use B2B telemarketing to generate leads, it is not always about a call. Sometimes you also need to make use of other ways in which to follow-up with your prospects at a later date. One such way is through sending them a short email reminding them about your previous call. You can also choose to not just make your email about a simple reminder but you can also opt to add a bit of how you can market your services. If you already run an email campaign, then try using your tactics in email marketing as part of how you can conduct a follow-up after making a call.

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Leave a voice message in your prospects’ inboxes.

Although not that many people leave a message when they reach their prospects’ voice mail inboxes, it should also be part of how you do follow-ups. Even if it may not have that much of an impact on them, it serves as a reminder for them and lets them know that you are going to give them a second call in the near future.

Establishing a follow-up scheme is an important part of your marketing tactic when you mainly use B2B telemarketing to generate your leads and sales.