lead generation telemarketing, B2B telemarketingHow to improve lead generation results has always been something that has been troubling people who launch their own B2B telemarketing campaigns. The thing is, in this day and age, we need to start looking at new methods on how we can improve the results we get from cold calling. It’s no longer about increasing the number of callers we have, it’s also not just about reaching more prospects in the span of our work hours. Now, it falls on proper engagement with our potential customers.

In it’s own little way, cold calling should no longer be done as how it has always been. Nowadays, we need to start thinking smarter and start finding more in which we can engage with our prospects and form relationships with each other before we even get down to picking up our receivers and start making calls. Here are a few methods you can try:

Tradeshow marketing – Without a doubt, tradeshows are some of the best occasions through which you can generate leads from. As such, this is a great place to start engaging your prospects in. Give a quick demo of your product; explain in detail what your services are about, it will all boil down to generating interest in your brand, and in the end, good leads. Once you have people coming at you and they seem interested, it’s time to tell them that you’ll give them a call in the near future. It’s lead follow-up time!

Social media – One way that seems to have become increasingly popular is engaging clients and B2B prospects through social media. Although, there are many elements to social media so lets be more specific here; let’s talk about social networks. One particular social network you shouldn’t neglect to be a part of is LinkedIn. Well, it being a social network for professionals and all, you somewhat already get the idea on how it can serve as a great platform to look for prospects on, and how it serves to be one where you can engage them and set up grounds for giving them a call. It definitely works; you’ll even see some posts on LinkedIn about people saying how being on said social network has affected their own results with lead generation.

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Inbound marketing – The best way to generate leads, or in getting a sale for that fact of the matter, is to have prospects take an interest in your brand and have them come to you. Thus, inbound marketing was born. What are some forms of inbound marketing you can make use of, you ask? Well, one example is email marketing. But how is email marketing inbound? Hasn’t that form of marketing always been outbound? To answer that question, take a look-see at this post from Hubspot.

In truth, there are a variety of ways on how you can improve your results with lead generation telemarketing. One of the main ideas here, however, is that you start engaging your prospects! So start making less cold calls and start warming up to your potential leads. You’ll never know just how a little bit of interaction can go a long way.