Job-Search-GoalsNew Year’s resolutions tend to be two things for people. They’re either a) dreams, goals, and aspirations or b) something people make but just get sick of later on. It’s pretty sad that only 8% of those resolutions end up sticking. But for B2B marketers though, this isn’t a bandwagon you’d like to jump into. It doesn’t take an MBA to know that the stakes could be higher (hello sales numbers) and the pressure to adapt just keeps piling (just look at the chaos that’s hit SEO marketing in the previous year).

So clearly, you need to make resolutions that are more fact-based but at the same time prepared to see those facts change. As a start, one old habit you need to ditch right now is sticking too hard to what’s not working anymore. Try the following resolutions to break those old molds:

  • Do more research. A common misconception is that you end up throwing away everything you learned in the previous year. If that year taught you anything, it was actually the importance of research. Make a habit to always keep your eyes open on the latest marketing challenges and ideas to overcome them.
  • Evaluate yourself alongside customers. Use a telephone survey or plan a quick, online event to see if your customers find something missing in your marketing strategy. Check if your websites are engaging enough or if your email copies make it easy to go through the appointment setting process.
  • Create a new set of guidelines. Naturally, successful B2B marketing isn’t a one-man process. You need a lot of people involved and they can’t always grasp large strategies. This is where guideline creations come in. This is important regardless if you’ve outsourced certain areas of marketing or if you’re managing your own teams.
  • Keep building connections. These apply to all sorts of connections you need to make in marketing. These include connections with prospects. You also have the more technical connections between your content and that of other thought leaders. Social media started the trend of relationship building. That’s not about to stop this year.
  • Change faster according to results. Finally, remember to ask yourself why you implemented the strategies you used last year. In all cases, it was because they worked right? That’s something you need to speed up. Look at your results frequently and plan immediate change when it looks like something isn’t working.

For most people, it doesn’t look like they stand much to lose when they break a New Year’s resolution. But when you make those resolutions out of your marketing and business goals, you can already see that you’re making some very heavy bets. That’s why, starting this January, you need to start breaking the old molds and show everyone your resolutions are part of that 8%.