lead generation, business to business leads, appointment settingHave you ever felt the excitement and experienced the action that comes from playing Call of Duty? Well, in a way, lead generation should be no different… except that you won’t be running around with a gun and shooting people. However, there are some lessons which a game can teach you and you can even apply them to real life.

To start, let me tell you about what Call of Duty is. The game franchise started way back in 2003 and put players of the game dead-smack into World War II. Being an FPS (first person shooter) game, it quickly became popular and spawned plenty of other titles. Recently though, the franchise has shifted from focusing on World War II to modern day warfare.

So what could you possibly learn from a FPS game which, specifically Call of Duty, could you apply in doing lead generation for business to business leads? Well, you are about to find out so hold on to your horses!

It pays to observe your targets before moving in.

I have to admit that I do enjoy a good Call of Duty game with my friends a few times over the weekend. When playing, I’ve noticed that sometimes it just pays to hide and observe rather than to go around and get shot at. The same lesson can be applied in doing lead generation.

Before you start generating business to business leads, it is often more beneficial to observe that go running blind. Through proper observation, you will be able to discern the best course of action to take during certain situations that arise. Many a CoD (Call of Duty) player has survived his/her games just through watching and responding appropriately, and so can you with your lead generation campaign.

Throw grenades at groups, not individuals.

A common occurrence in any Call of Duty game is dying to a grenade. However, a live grenade won’t be much of a benefit when used against a single target. As I have observed, I get the most benefit out of quickly dispatching a group of enemies with a single well-placed explosive.

When you are generating marketing offers to draw in more prospects as part of your lead generation plans, make sure to time it right. In line with the first point we presented, observation helps in deciding when you need to “throw” your “grenade”. How does a marketing offer compare to a grenade? Well, they both need to be explosive! They also need to catch the attention of people and most importantly, they need to have “killer” effects! The more people that receive your offer, the better the results. So do not target individual prospects with your explosive marketing offers, go and hit-up a larger audience.

Do not spray and pray.

Often enough, players of the FPS game do not really take time to aim at their targets and just fire away all the while praying that a shot connects. The same cannot be said when performing lead generation. When generating leads, you need to be accurate and be precise with your marketing gun. Do not just shoot in all directions and hope you get a hit, make sure to take time to aim and fire when you know you are going to get a sure hit!

A good example of this is when you do appointment setting. Rather than launching calls and emails in every direction, you need to focus on a single target – and that’s the market you are focusing on. The more you get in touch with prospects in your target market, the more chances that you will generate a lead as opposed to just spraying your calls and emails all around to hope and nail a single target.

Playing FPS games is always fun and exciting. You should get the same feeling when you do lead generation. It may not be the same as having a controller or using a keyboard and mouse, but sure enough you can apply what you learn in a shooter game such as Call of Duty in marketing.