It’s one thing to thing to plan calls around the same time as national holidays but another when some commemorative days carry a less merry tone.

(Image by Stinkie Pinkie)

One such day is September 11; a day that eventually centered much of recent history’s prominent conflicts on the Middle East.

Today the date is known officially as Patriot Day. And while not a holiday per se, it’s a good example of what may not be a good day to make business calls. Certain establishments like schools as well as those in the city of New York may be holding memorial ceremonies in memory of those who died in the terror attacks.

Obviously, that’s not the best time to ring their phones and promote accounting firms or janitorial services. But just like holidays, there are ways around days like this so that they won’t be another date on your calendar where you expect zero leads. It all depends on how you determine the right time and how you follow-up.

  • Step 1: Ask – Just because you may be calling at a bad time still doesn’t mean you should beat around the bush about it. Before anything else, ask if you got them at a good time. If you got the gatekeeper, don’t worry. This is a question you can also ask them (and in fact, they could even give you a faster response).
  • Step 2: Give very sparse info – When they make it clear that your timing was not the best, be wary of answering their questions. You can say who you are or what kind of business you have but that’s it. You don’t want your marketing intentions to be so obvious that they won’t accept a follow-up call.
  • Step 3: Check for a better time – Curiosity is one way to guarantee a follow-up call. You may not have called at the best time but it serves as a reason for calling again. What makes this better though is letting prospects determine when that best time would be. It could be tomorrow or perhaps a couple days. The point is you have to set it already.

On a final note, if you feel like you can offer a few sympathies, why not? Many have lost much during 9/11 and at the very least, it can shift a prospect’s attention away from your marketing attempt.