The concept of cleaning up can apply to cleaning leads as much as they apply to actual events. The concept is so general, you can see it at work from major celebrations to natural disasters. Why? Simple. It is because (whether it is cleaning leads or trash), you never know what you might find in the mess that follows.

Get More From Blow Out Campaigns By Cleaning Up Any Cleaning Leads Remaining

Cleaning Leads, Commercial Cleaning Leads, Lead GenerationFirst, here is a more serious example. Say you are part of a superhero team fighting an alien armada. You and your allies wipe out the main threats and the many people you save represent the many cleaning leads you qualified in a landslide campaign. However, remnants of the invading force can still be around, posing a threat. Obviously, you need someone to take those out while you get to work rebuilding.

See, there are actually a lot of things that can give you an explosive amount of B2B leads. On the other hand, why acquire so many when you can still qualify other cleaning leads still remaining? It would be a waste!

But first, here are some of the ways cleaning leads can be mass-generated and why there could be some left that need cleaning up and directed to your funnel:

  • Webinar – Webinars are one of the latest and technologically savvy tactics deployed by marketers to acquire leads (not just cleaning leads). If your webinar is successful, you could be looking at a powerful stream of cleaning leads because they like what they saw. On the other hand, what of those who expressed great feedback but have not made their presence felt in your funnel?
  • Event – Consider this the offline version of a webinar and the possibility that you will not be the only business participating. This does not necessarily mean you will be competing with cleaning leads though. You could all benefit from taking part and perform live demonstrations that may not be as believable had it been broadcast first via online video. But again, what about those who need following up?

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  • Publicity stunt – Finally, you can also take a leaf out of the B2C marketing book and pull amusing cleaning-service related stunts to garner attention. It may take a lot to get it right but once you do, it is another example of a tactic drawing larger numbers of cleaning leads. Then again, why limit your prospects to those who have seen or heard about you first? If anything, mainstream fame can just be your footstool!

The difficulty that comes after attracting an explosive stream of cleaning leads is that you are unsure that you have any resources left to pursue others. Do not also forget that you now have sales to make out of all the cleaning leads you have.

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The good news is that you do not necessarily have to spend so much to get what few cleaning leads that might still be left. Try something like outsourcing a sales lead generation company to follow-up on who remains to be qualified. Think of it as paying someone to clean up what you missed just as prospects pay to clean up after them!