cold calling, B2B telemarketing, lead generation telemarketngB2B telemarketers do cold calling on a near daily basis. Having such experience myself, I can say that it is not easy to evade the cold shoulder. Some people you call will be quick to drop the line, some others however, surprisingly, try to raise as much of a discussion as they can in order to better understand what it is you are offering them.

In the world of B2B, however, we do cold calling for lead generation purposes and not just to market our products and services right off the bat. Hard-selling is not exactly something that you should do when you are talking to other business professionals for the first time. The first thing you need to do is to “bait in” your prospects, in other words turn them into leads for your business. However, that is not going to happen if they drop the phone on you right at the start or halfway through your dialogue.

As such, avoiding the cold shoulder is necessary to the success of any B2B telemarketing campaign. Want to learn how to do effective cold calling? Here are some tips to help you out:

Do not sound too stiff.

When you pick up the phone and you hear someone sounding like they have a robot, does it not make you want to put the phone down? People thrive on communication; we enjoy talking to our friends because of all the ideas we can share and just how our talks play out. The same goes in doing lead generation telemarketing. Your calling team should not sound like they are reading from a script, neither should they sound like they are being forced to do their jobs. Sounding stiff in a phone conversation will make your prospects uninterested and less likely to want to actually communicate with your callers.

Do not skimp on important details.

When making a business call, it is required that all important details be discussed in the course of the conversation. Doing so increases the chances that a prospect will openly listen to what you have to say. If you do not, however, they may think you do not really know about what you are talking about and will thus want to end the conversation as quick as they. Skimping out on the mention of crucial details can really affect the result of each call you make as some prospects who are open to discussing your offers will want to know more and more about what it is your company does. Thusly, this heightens the chance of generating a warm lead from your cold call.

Do not read from your call script verbatim.

If you provide your callers with a call script then it means you want to control what exactly they say to your prospects. However, at times, it is best to allow a bit of freedom when it comes to the opening spiel of your B2B telemarketers. Some of your prospects will be quick to assess that whoever is calling them is reading from a script and will most likely understand that the coming conversation will be nothing more than a marketing call. What you can do however is to let your team mix it up a little bit and tweak the script in a way that it covers all the key points which require mentioning yet allows them to converse with the prospect more openly and in a way that they are not limited to only what the call script has to say. Good telemarketers know their products inside-out and can truly utilize their conversational marketing skills when they are not limited with what they can say.

Cold calling and B2B telemarketing is an art and any telemarketer worth his salt will know the best ways to avoiding the cold shoulder from prospects they call. What are your ideas on how to get the ball rolling and get your prospects talking to your callers?