Telemarketing CompanyLooking for new business clients via lead generation is already hard enough. However, retaining those clients can be just as hard. In the world of B2B, there are more than a handful of products which demand a strong effort to keep current customers happy as much as enticing new ones. Business technology is one example and raw material supplies is also another.

Maintaining a business partnership can be quite akin to maintaining any other sort of significant relationship. Both parties need to work together. The provider must constantly be aware of the client’s needs. Constant communication must also be maintained.

Such is the purpose of functions like customer service. It maintains the ties between your business and that of others (be they new or old). And more importantly, the reason why it’s so integral is that it can also serve to generate leads of its own. Below you’ll find just some of the strategies that involve customer service in the process of generating leads.

  • Inbound Marketing – Both inbound marketing and customer service demand the reception of inquiries. The inquiries themselves can sometimes even be hard to distinguish. They can be concerns about the product. These can be inquiries about any future ventures or changes. The only difference you’ll notice is whether or not they’re looking to do business with you or already are. Regardless, properly receiving them can give you the opportunity to win them over or keep them retained. Both ways still result in sales for you.
  • Customer Survey – Generating leads is still a marketing effort. And like all marketing efforts, you need compelling data to help you determine your next course of action. A popular way to gather data is to hear words straight from the mouths of the customers. Conduct phone or email surveys to help you determine common grievances and objections. This will help you mold your future marketing strategies.
  • News and Updates – Keep your customers in the loop about what’s going on in your business. These don’t have to be limited to B2C only. Even B2B companies will announce promos like client referrals and new products to offer. These will also invite inquiries and like inbound marketing and thus, you will need to receive and organize their inquiries properly.

As you can see, all three demand quality communication. You must be open to different channels of communication so that both current and potential clients can contact your business in any way they wish. It is important however that each channel is maintained well. Your representatives on it are well-trained and they are equipped with the appropriate technology. For instance, if you’re using telemarketing, then you need to employ professional telemarketers. The calls you receive must not keep them waiting too long on the phone or have the need to press several buttons before they hear a live agent. Does this all matter if these are outsourced or trained in-house? No. The standards are the same.

In all three, you can see how customer service is involved to the point that it has its own significant role in generating business leads. It’s from its perspective that many inbound strategies arise but it’s only because these strategies are executed properly and with adequate resources.