Think that defining cleaning sales leads is a lot harder than defining simple words? Suppose you were a commercial cleaner and you decide to target offices for your sales leads. Are you aware that the word ‘office’ these days has begun to have a rapidly changing definition? When you realize just how random and fickle words alone can be on what they mean, you might want to rethink your attitude towards defining sales leads.

How Sales Leads That Include Offices Are No Longer The Same As The Previous Decade

Cleaning Leads, Commercial Cleaning Leads, Sales LeadsWith businesses constantly finding new ways to use technology, the concept of offices has begun to blur. Small online shops have ‘offices’ in the suburbs. Employees communicate over vast distances. If you were a commercial cleaner and your idea of offices has not been up-to-date, your definitions of sales leads are no more in the know of what is going on.

Business leads seem to be everywhere because of the internet but that is why commercial cleaning firms are among in those in dangerous position to assume definitions of simpler terms have not changed. Their office cleaning leads could be qualified without the slightest clue as to who their prospect really is. And if not, they might wonder why the opposite result of having so many rejections has started piling ever since they started searching online.

  • People are working everywhere – As hinted above, you may not be looking at as many possible sales leads as you thought you were. Your lead generation campaign should really look twice at the location of a prospect’s business these days. Does that really look like the address of an office or maybe it is actually a warehouse or someone’s apartment?

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  • Culture changes as well – Even as you may find sales leads that could still be considered possible cleaning clients, the technology that is changing offices still impacts the culture of even traditional work places. How will your employees interact with the new protocols (as well as personalities) without considering the possibility from just your commercial cleaning leads?
  • Shifts are more round the clock – New technologies are also enabling more and more businesses to work longer hours. Different shifts may assure everyone gets some shut eye but can your workers adjust to that as well? Again, your sales leads should start to really adapt to the changes of definitions because technology has already gone far ahead of them.

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You can even say that your qualified cleaning leads are only elaborating further on what currently defines an ‘office’ nowadays. It just goes to show that you might be better of focusing your efforts to generate cleaning leads than to think that dictionary definitions never change.