“Nothing ever happens like you imagine it will”
― John GreenPaper Towns

John Green, the author of the famous book “The Fault in Our Stars” will showcase his second film based on his book “Paper Town” Green published six books and maybe all of those six will be on the big screen, and i hope it will.

In the eyes of Margo, the heroine in Paper Town, Nothing goes as you wished. Well, in reality there’s a chance that what you imagine will happen. it’s just that, people now-a-days imagine fictional scenarios and some just imagine, they never moved from imagining.

Imagining your Mistakes

I am like this, well, sometimes I am. My mind only focus in just imagining and writing what I imagine, if your job is to write all day long, who can blame you. you’ll research topics from the internet and try to related it based from that. and there you go, you have completed one percent of your job and it turns out that its a mistake.

But lets compare imagining to Business, of course we imagine what will become of our business, will it grow? or will it fall to the ground. Yes, we all imagine the positive and negative things that might happen. But the question is, are you doing all you can so that your business can grow or prevent your business to fall?

Everyone makes mistakes, some of us makes huge mistakes that it will be our downfall, and some makes minor mistakes that be seen as major one by our colleagues. But sometimes, making mistakes can help a business grow, it’s just how we see things.

Imagine when you know it will happen

I only imagine when i know it will happen, just to prepare me from shame or awkward moments. Yes, some of us imagine what we know will happen or five second before it happens. Within a minute we can make ten scenarios in our mind and some of it will surely happen, depending on how things goes.

This sort of things happen when Business owners knows when the deal is going through a rough path. We all made transactions that doesn’t goes as planned. That’s why we seldom have a back-up plan. This back-up plan can help us go through that rough path into a clear one. But how can you prevent such a thing?

  1. Think of 10 possible scenarios – Yes, you need to think as many as ten possible scenarios that might happen when business sales goes sour.
  2. Don’t Think impossible scenarios – Again, you won’t be burned. Well, that is if you’re possible prospect is a fire-breathing dragon with is unlikely to happen.
  3. Think ahead – Like what’ve said earlier, you’ve should think ahead of what will happen, not being scared or nervous.
  4. Its done – Yes, its done. So what you can do now is, do the back up plan you’ve think of before the deal has begun