B2B telemarketing, lead generation, b2b leadsSalespeople and sales teams usually go on and off about what types of leads they want. But between early and qualified leads, the debate continues. Just which is better for a sales team to make use of? Do qualified leads make a difference? Does having early leads mean that there are higher chances of closing a sale with your prospects? Let’s get into detail with that and see which type of lead would be best generated through a B2B telemarketing campaign and lead generation.

Getting in early during the sales process sure has its benefits. But still, generating early leads does not ensure that a sale will be made. However, because you hopped on early in the process, you will have enough time to nurture the prospect and turn them into a sales-ready lead in the future. However, what would it all be for if they weren’t qualified in the first place? That would mean that you just wasted the efforts of your sales team on nurturing a client that can’t even be turned into a sale for your company. You may have made an impact on them by offering your services and in nurturing them, but if they don’t meet your parameters, then it is still all for nothing.

That is why some choose to work with qualified b2b leads. Rather than try to beat their competitors by rushing to their prospects, they would rather handle qualified leads and assure themselves that the leads they are pursuing meet their requirements and are very much viable prospects to do business with. However, chances are that the qualified b2b leads you may be pursing have turned out to be early leads for others, meaning that they could have already begun nurturing your prospects and turning them sales-ready. Still, the preferences of sales teams vary with the ever changing industry.

So when using B2B telemarketing to do lead generation, which would you rather have? Early leads or qualified b2b leads?