They say the early bird gets the worm. But in more extreme cases, sometimes the early bird is the only one who has a worm. Similarly, sometimes the best sales leads are only the ones you get earlier than the rest of the competition. That means knowing when to be before everyone else could be a matter of life and death. How can your lead generators deal with the pressure?

It’s like Black Friday but the day itself seems only a day for hardcore shoppers and bargain hunters. Everyone else has just thrown up their hands and made shopping plans way earlier than the big mall rush. So how do you apply that getting your sales leads early before everyone else starts swarming in for a piece of market share?

  • Watch out for signs – At this point, it’s really important for you to have a long memory and draw from your experience with previous sales leads. If you’ve determined a particular threshold in the quarter where the leads pickup, then you should at least mark it. Better to set the alarm for dawn than keep on sleeping.
  • Have a spot to return to – You’ve probably heard a lot of crazy stories of people finding ways to hold their place in the long line before opening. But crazy as that is, it should be something to consider. What can you do to reach prospects that you can then follow-up without worrying too much about competitors?
  • Be prepared to fight – If worst comes to worse, you’ll need to make a steal. Granted, you’d be stupid to try to steal stuff in a shopping spree. But luckily, this is the B2B market. There’s still a chance that a sale still hasn’t been made and you still have a chance to close before they come back. It’s a slim chance though so prepare to really fight for it!

There are downsides to always being early because you may not know how early is too early. Neither can you always tell whether a sales opportunity has really been snatched away. But if you don’t want to face the hard odds of directly competing with over leads, it’s really better to be there before anyone else.