Imagine this – You’ve put a lot of time with your email campaign, you’ve laid out important details such as Content, Beautiful artworks, and recipient list. Now you’ve just clicked ‘Send’. Seeing it, go out and arrive in your own inbox, only to realize that your email is full of typos The nightmare of email marketers is happening to you. What will you do? How will you get out of this mess?

“One thing’s for sure, panicking won’t do you any good.”

As marketing progress, so does it’s campaign. You’ve might receive a well-written and well-made email copy for businesses promoting its services and sometimes you get the same old spam messages that other companies send out. Personalized Emails are currently being practiced by some companies, and they are using this to strengthen their possible lead increase.


email-marketing-mistakeSending out emails with full information messages can help the customer get to know your business and company’s services. But filling prospect’s inbox with irrelevant information may cost you big time.

USE Marketing Segmentation

Sending out information to a different business with the same content won’t help you with generating leads. Without a proper usage of marketing segmentation, you will send out irrelevant information to some companies that aren’t really into your services or have different industry.

Information is the sole purpose why you are sending out emails, and giving wrong and irrelevant information might hurt your company even more. Deciding on who to send it out are one thing you should take into consideration while your information should be re-written to those businesses that have different services and products.

Although personalized emails are being used nowadays, you should also adapt into Marketing Segmentation, dividing your list based on Industry, Services, and products.

This is currently being practiced by BPO companies.