Have you ever receive a phone call that is directly for you? You might be surprised to know that it’s not a random call, but you are purposely contacted by an outbound telemarketer. Companies might got your information from the web.

One of those phone call might be for a credit card subscription, where they will ask if you’re willing to avail their credit card subscription.

Outbound telemarketers and Credit cards

It may sound like a good idea to sell credit card services over the phone but in reality, it’s not. Why? because you’re asking if we want to buy or avail a credit card while we already have one. You’re a little bit late when you ask me. Its hard to have a conversation about concerns and detailed information about how to avail and what will i get in return.

Of course, when we deposit money to our own bank, we are given an option to avail for an credit card. VISA and MasterCard are the top choice if you’re willing to have a credit card. and if the telemarketers gave you a different company that has credit card service, can you trust them?

People and Credit cards

Most people do have credits card, some have two or even five credit cards. but did you know that having just only one credit card is fine when you avail in a bank that people trust. I for in fact have only one credit card, and i don’t use it as much as I hope for.

Yes, we lived in a world where we need things that we can’t afford, so we use credit cards as a mean to get it as fast as possible. but did you know that, for every swipe of your card. You’re adding more debt in your life? And that debt won’t decrease even if you’re paying every month. With that problem, people usually search for an 0% interest on things that they really need. While other people are being consume by the power the credit card, others don’t use credit card to buy things they don’t really need.