Ever heard this before? “Everything you knew about marketing is wrong.” Now for some of you, this is starting to come off as typical. Yes, you are aware that social media (in spite of just being roughly half a decade years old). Yes, you know that everything the 90s taught you about telemarketing and advertising no longer applies. You know this and like to know the real secret to marketing success (assuming you’ve never even heard that before).

So here’s perhaps here’s something you may not have heard as often: There’s no one path to nirvana in B2B lead generation.

As you’ve already noted yourself, the reality is that marketing has just recently experienced such a rapid change thanks to advances in computer, followed by the internet, the rise of social media, and now the outright viral proliferation of mobile technology. It’s like change keeps right coming through your door and your poor lead generation campaign is getting clothes-lined every, single time.

It’s like no matter what rule you follow or which guru tells you, they end up being wrong one way or another. It’s frustrating. You’ve lost so much money. It feels like you’re at the end of the rope listening to these people.

Aren’t you forgetting something though? What are you doing? That’s right. You.

You’ve been listening to the podcasts, downloading the ebooks, and yet how much of your own experience is actually being shared? Do you have even any activity to speak of? Any at all?

Maybe instead of steadfast rules, you may have just been taking every single word you’ve read too seriously. In fact, being so serious, you may have forgotten to actually create your own experience.

If there should be anything that these radical marketing revolutions have taught you, it’s this: Literally, everything you know could still be wrong.

It’s natural to feel hopeless at this point. You’re like a victim of a hurricane, and before that an earthquake survivor. Your business barely made it out from such radical changes.

Yet, guess what? You still made it. Didn’t you learn anything from that time? Experience is the real key when it comes being a survivor. You might not think you can survive another change in the landscape. But the truth is, perhaps you haven’t been listening to your own experience as much as that of the people you consult. Ask yourself these questions the next time you feel disillusioned:

  • Do you still remember the basics? – By basics, this doesn’t mean the things that were taught in 1985. Think beyond that. What is the primary purpose of marketing? It’s to draw attention. It’s to drive a sale. It’s to understand what customers want. So what have you been doing towards that end and not simply because someone found a way to use this or that new technology to enhance the process?
  • When did you last talk with customers? – Finally, you can’t get any more basic than hearing it straight from the customer’s mouth. Maybe they didn’t want you to be more active on social media. Perhaps you were focused on your actual product instead. Has your marketing actually reflected that focus? No matter what tools you acquire or who you outsource, you can be sure that won’t change.

If you’re tired of all the change and want to cling to what hasn’t, you’ll find that biggest factor in your marketing success is really creating your own experience with what you get. Unfortunately, it’s often the ‘getting’ that’s the focus and not necessarily doing the most with what you got.