The month of March has been buzzing with a lot of things. You got NCAA March Madness. There was also the Oscars earlier this week. And of course, you can’t forget spring break!

Sadly B2B marketers remain stuck out of this mainstream which can be problematic when constantly trying to target active markets. There are perhaps a select few B2B markets that are prepped for your lead generation campaign but are they enough?

A similar problem is faced by digital B2B marketers. Staying on top with trendy and relevant content is important for SEO and audience engagement. That’s not easy when you’re industry isn’t exactly Hollywood.

This is where being a hipster can have its perks. It lets you find alternatives. Breaking into the mainstream isn’t always the answer because you’re not the only one stuck outside it. Take a look again at the month of March. What else is there besides spring break and the Oscars?


Okay, the real Easter (with the bunny and the eggs) won’t be here until another month. But for many religious institutions, Easter is but the end of the Lenten season. That should be big news if you’ve had campaigns aimed at churches and other affiliated organizations. It gets even better if religion is your business’ specialty so preach on brother and don’t sell out!

Women’s History Month

When you think about it, is it really out of the mainstream? Gender issues are often a common topic in business related articles (such as in HR). You’ll definitely see a surge of articles featuring female contributions in large companies. Don’t want to be left out? Give that a shot! Not only does this keep you relevant, you’re also contributing to a good cause.

National Poison Prevention Week

You might think it’s funny but it’s not a laughing matter if you’ve got history working in the healthcare industry. There are plenty of these danger prevention weeks/months but does that downplay the lessons they teach? Safety and proper procedure are just as much important in B2B as they are in B2C (in fact, a lot more given the many professions that handle dangerous substances).

When you’re out of B2B marketing ideas, know that mainstream isn’t your only source. Make like a hipster and see what alternatives the month of March has to offer.