Let’s face it, we are behind than everyone else. Everyone is getting through the noise without worry while the rest of us are trying to find some way to be ahead of others. Welcome to the Social Media.

As a marketer, we are looking for a way to cut through this noise and speak what we can offer to our prospective audience, but this isn’t easy to accomplish.


Quite a lot based from what I’ve read

Every minute of every day there are:

  •         New Tweets from different people
  •         Content shared on Facebook
  •         Videos being uploaded and played on YouTube
  •         Photos posted on Instagram

Out of billions of people in the world, almost everyone is posting and uploading their opinions, thoughts and tips on their selected Social Media Network.

This trouble prospects and marketers alike. Why? Because it’s keeping them from getting what they need and that’s information.

So how do we cut through this Noise? Here are three tips that might help you break through.

  1. Identify your audience and determine what they need – Rather than making everyone, your audience, try targeting your primary audience first. After identifying your audience, research and have a quick view on what they are looking for, what they need, thoughts, like and dislikes. The more you know about your audience needs and wants, the more you can meet their needs
  2. Package and Identify what content suits you – Every social media requires different types of communication. They way you communicate on Facebook should be different the way you communicate in LinkedIn.  You need to change the way you communicate in order to be effective. Track your content, see if it’s getting more attention than any content you’ve read. Analyze what’s best for you and what’s best when it comes to your audience
  3. Enhance what works – If you discover that your content have outperformed the rest. You need to use it to your advantage. The chances are that some of your content may stand out because it has what prospects or your targeted audience is looking for.

Breaking through the noise may be difficult if you don’t know where you’re standing. You may look down on yourself for a while, but after a thorough understanding on how Social Media Works, maybe you’re content might outshine the rest of us.