lead generation, telemarketing companyIf you’re planning to grow your business consulting services company, then one of the many things you need to do is expand your client base. This implies that you have to make an active effort to look for new prospects to bring into your brand of service. The following are among the best marketing avenues in lead generation for a consulting business.

Referrals. Still perhaps the most effective prospecting tool for a business consulting firm, referrals are indispensable tools in any situation. There is no better way to draw in new business than word-of-mouth from your existing clients. You should have a working referral system in place that encourages your current customers to spread the word about your consulting brand.

Telemarketing. Another highly-effective lead generation method is telemarketing. Using telephone lines to look for promising prospects is a good way to reach a wide audience in a relatively short amount of time. You can enhance these benefits if you outsource such projects to a reputable telemarketing company that specializes in your area.

Online and Electronic Media. The arrival of Internet-based and online marketing also brought new lead generation opportunities for consulting firms to access broader markets. With tools like social media and email marketing, your brand of consulting is placed directly in front of your target audience at minimal costs. In fact, a great number of today’s consulting service providers rely on these tools for marketing.

Traditional Media. Of course, there is still no substitute for the more traditional forms of marketing, especially in certain situations. For instance, a well-placed advertisement in a business magazine is still as effective as a web-based banner while, in some cases, direct mail is more preferable than email. These factors make it advisable to have these traditional tools in the marketing mix.

These are some of the most effective lead generation methods for business consulting companies. Clearly, every kind has its own set of strengths and weaknesses, making it necessary to combine and integrate each with others in a sound marketing plan.