According to a lot of holiday movies, Christmas is all about the acts of giving, sharing, and anything else that’s actually not wrapped in a box. Families come together and hearts get all fuzzy. Meanwhile the guy selling the toys and the retailers housing him are scorned frivolous distractions.

What about the other side of the coin though? Who’s giving to that poor guy who’s got to deal with fussy, bargain hunting mommies and daddies? Perhaps your sales leads are the only chance they get at telling their side of the story.

Ever notice that in A Christmas Carol, Scrooge never actually goes out of business? For most readers, it’s not much of a big deal. But in the context of pitting business and retailing against the holiday spirit, that says a lot. It shows that those values don’t necessarily clash with doing good business.

Consider this your own holiday message as you go about generating sales leads. If your target market consists of the retailers and shops that are often the objects of scorn by people against the ‘commercialization of holidays,’ here’s your chance to be their message of hope:

  • Humanize them – Contrary to comedic depiction, businesses aren’t all mindless manufacturers of goods out to squeeze every buck for them. They have a human side in many aspects, from the history of their products to how some have changed the things that critics of commercialization take for granted.
  • Spread the message of transparency – Some draw on the plight of the less fortunate. While yours or your clients may not really compare, it pays to be more transparent. It’s your chance to say that a manager running the toy store hardly has it any better. The sales of his shop could be the only thing that determines what his own Christmas dinner would end up like.
  • Deconstruct – And if all else fails, a little tu quoque wouldn’t hurt. After all, there’s no virtue to being cheap either. If using the Christmas season to justify cutting corners is bad, how much more for individuals who cut their shopping budgets just to hoard cash?

All the information necessary to validate the above can be easily found in your sales leads. Don’t leave your clients at the mercy of wolves who mischaracterize their businesses. Show the other side of the coin!