B2B telemarketing, lead generation telemarketing, cold callingFor the longest time, B2B telemarketing has been regarded as one of the best methods of lead generation. One of the biggest problem that it faces though is accuracy. Just like its name, cold calling’s approach in generating leads is without a doubt “cold” and good results are not always easy to come by especially when it serves as your main way of acquiring new B2B leads. As such, accuracy is almost always a major issue when you run a calling campaign.

Using B2B telemarketing for lead generation purposes is without a doubt one of the best ways to get leads. All you need to do is know how to run a proper campaign in order for you to be able to get the desired results. If you do it right then your lead generation campaign can more than become one of your highest lead generating marketing methods.

If you want to get more accuracy in your calling campaign, then here are a few things you may want to take a look at:

Segment your calling list for better results.

Cold calling is called as such not just because it needs a fancy name, it is labeled as such because all calls that are made are “cold”, meaning that the receiver of the call has absolutely no idea that he/she will be getting called. You can already see just why some people refuse to talk to telemarketers and this is one of them. Getting a random call from anybody is something off-putting and you really would not want to divulge any of your information to a random caller even if he/she does represent a company. One way in which you can get better results from your calling campaign is segmenting your calling list. Rather than leave your list as it is, you can use certain factors and demographics in order to figure out which of the contacts in your list you should approach, when you should do it, and how you should do it.

Set-up a good follow-up plan for people you have already called.

In doing lead generation telemarketing, a single call is never enough at times. Maybe your prospect just does not have enough time to chat. Maybe they are not currently considering the types of products and services you are offering. There are plenty of reasons a person can give you in order to turn you away, however at times being told “no” means “no, not now”. As such, as part of your campaign, you should create a good follow-up plan. If your prospect expresses a wish to be contacted again at a later date then you should definitely follow-up with them at the appointed date and time. But when your prospect does not seem to express a wish to be contacted in the future, or gives a vague reply, then you can opt to reach them in other ways and remind them about your previous call. One way is through using emails. Emails are quick and short and serve really well as follow-up messages.

Combine with your other marketing approaches.

Many things have been said about B2B telemarketing, however it does not work best when alone all of the time. As the saying goes, “no man is an island”, and in this case your calling campaign is the same. Sometimes it is best when you combine several of your approaches to effectively engage your prospects. For example, your social media marketing campaign may be more than able to generate enough of an interest to help you connect with your prospects once you start making phone calls. An email campaign can help generate an interest as well and help you find prospects that want to be called.

Generating leads through a calling campaign can be done better when you segment your calling list to give you better targeting parameters. A good follow-up plan helps in making sure that prospects are contacted again when they express the need to, or to get back to them and see if they are considering your offers at a later time and date. Lastly, combine your B2B telemarketing campaign with your other marketing approaches in order to produce better results.

These are some tips you should definitely not take lightly when it comes to running a B2B telemarketing campaign.