IT companies that aren’t meeting their quota with sales each and every month aren’t going to be in business for very long. What do you expect to happen when you can’t finance your own business? When a business needs sales, it means that thoughts of a lead generation campaign can’t be far behind. And when you talk of generating leads telemarketing is usually in the equation.

What could be the reason as to why your IT company is not making any sales? Could it be that you just aren’t able to find the right prospects to market to, or could it be just that your lead generation campaign isn’t working as intended. A lack of leads can really kill your business, especially when you’re already in dire need to keep the money flowing for day-to-day operations.

So why is IT lead generation through telemarketing sought after by many businesses? What does it have that can answer an organization’s need for more sales? Well, here are some ideas as to why:

Has the ability to penetrate target markets.

One capability which most marketing methods lack is the capability to penetrate into their target markets. When a business is not able to penetrate into its target market then one thing is surely not happening – they’re not getting their message across. And that’s one thing that can greatly hamper your IT company’s efforts at generating fresh IT sales leads.

The phone is a medium that facilitates communication between people over different locations. Once you have a number and dial it then you can expect that somewhere another phone is ringing and just waiting to be picked up. That’s what happens in telemarketing. You place a call to a number and someone is bound to come to the phone. It’s easy to see how telemarketing penetrates markets.

Gives you the chance to generate qualified leads.

Okay, let’s say that you’re actually generating leads from your lead generation program. However, you can still face a lack in sales even if you’ve got leads shoved in every nook and cranny of your sales pipeline. Why? That’s because your sales team might not actually want to pursue a prospect once they find out that the lead isn’t up to their standards.

Your marketing spends hours generating new business leads for you. Those leads get handed off to your sales team, with you hoping that things go well between your sales reps and your prospects. Unfortunately, you later find out that the lead has been rejected by your sales team. Why? The lead isn’t qualified. In generating leads through telemarketing there exists something we call the pre-qualification process.

The pre-qualification process is basically all just about qualifying a prospect during the course of a cold call. This allows us to gauge whether they are viable prospects we can do business with based on our company criteria – parameters that your sales team uses when handing your leads. Pre-qualifying your prospects allows your sales team to focus on making sales as well as increases sales effectiveness and efficiency.

Some businesses don’t realize that their lead generation campaigns aren’t really helping when those programs generate leads that can’t be used, or don’t penetrate at all into their target markets. That’s why it is sometimes a good idea to bring telemarketing into the equation and make it part of a business marketing strategies.

So do you think using telemarketing is the answer to solving your IT company’s need for sales?