Your IT lead generation campaign may increase brand awareness of your IT company but by no means must you act like a conquistador. Having the dream of having your business empire is by no means an excuse to repeat the mistakes of historical ones. Oddly enough, that all begins with how you present yourself in your lead generation campaign.

Difference Between Lead Generation And Modern Imperialism

Lead Generation, IT Lead Generation, Sales LeadsThen again, many people have developed a knee-jerk reaction towards anything that even remotely resembles an attempt to colonize. Hence, it is critical that you establish the difference between a lead generation campaign and what is in fact a reincarnated version of New World imperialism.

  • You seek to serve, not to rule – Obviously you do not seek IT leads, like cloud computing leads, IT consulting leads or web hosting leads, in order to have some kind of control over your prospect. You seek them because you have something to serve. To expand a business empire is not to gain control but to find more people who have a need for your product. Needs are among the first things that lead generation strategies are supposed to verify.

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  • You do not drain your prospect’s resources – The importance of knowing budget for lead generation is to assurel that your business does not make a prospect regret investing in your offer. Otherwise, you will be committing another injustice that colonizers committed against native peoples: draining their land of their precious resources.
  • You do not disrespect different business cultures – This may already have reached the level of cliché but many colonizers in the past really did not have a respectful attitude towards the cultures of the colonized. Learning about your prospect company’s work place culture is also part of a good IT lead generation process. (In fact, its part of understanding their attitudes towards IT.)

Some people might argue that the colonial conquest had its merits such as advanced technology. However, introducing new tools and a better way of building things is also the place where the similarities end. Your lead generation campaign is not a campaign to claim territory or undisputed rule. The reality is you are better off an honest businessman than a historical emperor whose empires eventually crumbled.

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It is actually not so bad to leave your mark on a lot of companies and expand your influence by finding more IT sales leads. That does not mean you need to do it using force of ego and an obscure right to take over. Never forget that your lead generation process promotes products that help free the people, not make slaves out of them.