event telemarketing, lead generation, IT sales leadsYou’ve probably been slaving away for months as you strive to perfect the IT product you are about to release out into your target market. Through all of those months, you have invested a lot of time and money to meet your deadlines and get your product ready for its launch. You may have even decided to invest into having an event to help you generate IT sales leads.

Events, however, do not just magically get filled with people. And since it would be the launching of your product, you don’t want to be stuck on stage with no one listening to that speech you probably spent hours on completing! If you want to be able to get people to go to your event, and to hopefully generate new customers from it, then you are going to have to invest not just in your product launch event but in how you can get people from your target market to go to it as well.

Have you ever thought about event telemarketing? Sure we have email and direct mail to distribute your invites; we can even make use of fliers and other forms of print media. However, when it comes to an event invitation, sometimes it is best to use the phone. You will be able to talk directly to whoever it is you need to be talking to in regards to your event invitation, not to mention that it brings about a personal level of interaction when it comes to communicating with prospects – your event invitees.

You can think of event telemarketing as a form of lead generation for your IT product launch. How does event telemarketing become a form of lead generation? Well, it won’t really be generating leads per se, rather it will help you in converting some of your event goers into IT sales leads. Of course, you cannot hope to get leads if no one went to your event – goers who you could have reached through the use of the phone.

The phone is one of the best mediums of communication, one that doesn’t look like being replaced any time soon. Even though we have the Internet to help us communicate with each other from almost anywhere, a simple phone call still holds much value, especially when it comes to marketing. So are you planning your IT product launch anytime soon? If yes, then consider making use of event telemarketing to help you get more prospects to come to your launch!