lead generation, sales leadsLead generation is always an interesting topic. Over the years, how businesses generate their leads have changed. Some have chosen to stick to more traditional methods, although adding a little bit of their own spice and flair into it. Others have chosen to take to the Internet and heavily make use of digital marketing to get new sales leads.

So as the lead generation playing field changes, you need to keep yourself updated with what’s going on in the business world. If you don’t keep yourself up-to-date then chances are you’ll be missing out on some good opportunities to help your business generate more sales leads; you will be missing out on learning a thing or two about how to have an effective lead generation strategy.

As such, we’ve put together a little list of good reads. Here’s what you may have missed:

  • Pleasure and Pain in Lead Generation – Pleasure and pain are among the two of the most powerful drivers of human behavior. So how would they influence prospect behavior and aid in business sales lead generation? Full story here.

  • Lead Generation and Business Lessons From the Batman – Marketers can hope to learn a thing or two from billionare-playboy-philanthropist Bruce Wayne, or better known as the Batman. Full story here.

  • Drive Lead Generation Through Landing Pages – Having landing pages can help any business out when doing Internet marketing. In fact, you can drive lead generation through using landing pages. Full story here.

  • Online Lead Generation Myths – Let’s Bust ‘Em! – We take a crack at debunking 3 popular myths about lead generation online. Let the myth busting begin! Full story here.

A lot of things go on in the world of lead generation on a daily basis. Enjoy these good reads to help you refresh your mind and be brought up to speed.