lead generation, event telemarketing, IT sales lead generation, b2b lead generation, IT leadsWhere were you last week? Were you at home, spending time with the wife and kids, or maybe vacationing in the Bahamas? Once your well-deserved time to yourself is over, however, you eventually wind up back in your office. When that happens, you’ll soon find that you’ve been out of the loop for quite a bit and it’s time to read up on what you’ve missed in regards to business and maybe even lead generation during the past week.

We here at Kick Start Sales Force have once again compiled a short list of previous posts for the week to help make it easier for you to find out a few helpful tips and information on lead generation. Here’s what we have lined up for you this time:

  • IT Product Launch? Get Invites with Event Telemarketing! Is your IT company readying up for its product launch? If so, then you need to get your invites out there to make sure that your target prospects end up coming to your event. Exploit the power of telemarketing in helping you get out invites through event telemarketing!

  • Why Software Companies Definitely Need Lead Generation Nowadays businesses cannot survive without having their very own lead generation programs. Not even software companies are safe and such businesses should start considering how a lead generation campaign contributes to helping them find new customers and helping with sales.

  • The Law of Supply & Demand in IT Sales Lead Generation Marketing is heavily paired with economics. As marketers, we understand the role that supply and demand plays in how our products and services fair in the market. IT companies that want to do well in generating leads should understand how supply and demand affects their campaigns.

  • Why Some IT Companies Fail in B2B Lead Generation Not every company has what it takes to enact their very own highly-effective lead generation campaigns. Here are a few reasons as to why some IT companies are not able to do well when they want to generate their own IT leads.

If you’ve missed out on work last week, let these posts serve as your refresh course on lead generation for your business.