lead generation, sales lead generation, business to business leadsIn the fictional American city of Gotham, there resides an ever-watchful guardian, a so-called Dark Knight. As crime and corruption prevailed, one man decided to become the one thing that stood between justice and injustice. That man was Bruce Wayne. But most importantly, that man was the Batman. In lead generation, there are a few lessons which we can learn from the World’s Greatest Detective himself. Would you like to know them?

Batman was born when Bruce Wayne’s parents were murdered in front of his very eyes by a common criminal. Ever since then, the only child of Thomas and Martha Wayne had a hatred for the very thing that took away his parents: evil. Unfortunately, we’re not going to go into detail about Batman and rather liken what we can learn from him into how we generate leads.

Gotham’s Dark Knight has been a symbol of hope for the people who face evil on an everyday basis. You can learn a thing or two about running your company and your lead generation strategies from Batman and become your own symbol of “hope” to your prospects.

Become more than just a company. Become a symbol.

Bruce Wayne became more than just a man and turned Batman into a symbol which criminals everywhere should fear. You as a business however, should become more than what you are and strive to become a symbol of what you do. In marketing, we strive to not just be a company but also become a brand that people recognize, just like a household name.

The better you are known, the better your chances at sales lead generation. Why? Because people naturally flock to big names. It’s why fawn over celebrities; it’s why we buy items from brands that are well-known to us; it’s why something that serves as a symbol is so influential over us. As a company, you must strive to become a symbol of what you do. If your specialty, for example, is SEO, then you must become a company that serves as a symbol as to what SEO is.

Become what they need, not what they “deserve”.

Many companies have offers that sound aesthetically pleasing, but in reality all that really needs to be answered is what prospects “need”. It is not about becoming the company they “deserve”, it’s about becoming the company they need. Although lead generation is based around your prospects’ interest, you cannot completely ignore that beneath all that is an apparent need for what you can provide them with.

Batman understood that donning the cowl of the Dark Knight made him a “hero” of sorts, but not the hero that Gotham city deserved; Gotham needed Batman to serve as a protector, but he was not what the people deserved to have as a hero. In business though, it is alright to show your prospects what kind of company you are and why they deserve your services, however looking underneath all that you can see that it’s all about needs.

Become what no else can become.

Batman became what no one else could become and thus is why he usually stands alone in his stand against evil. Although later on he is joined by others who become his allies in his struggle against crime, he still dared to become what he knew no one else could easily choose to become.

As a business, you must become a company that no one else can become. You must become unique to the point of which no one can imitate what you do. Most importantly, in relation to the above points, you must become what people look up to. A successful company, after all, gets to where they are because they have managed to become something which on other in their industry has become.

In lead generation, marketing plays a major role. However, what you are and stand for as a company also aids in getting you your business to business leads. Batman became Gotham’s symbol of hope and attracted plenty of enemies which he has to deal with. In the same way, you can attract your prospects once you have built a name for yourself.

Success in marketing and lead generation is not just about tactics – it is also about what you strive to and eventually become as a business. These are the lead generation and business lessons which you can learn from the Batman.