The main obstacle of lead generation has always been lack of information. This ranges from not knowing a prospect’s identity to not knowing the date on which to set the appointment. And despite new technologies, this old challenge still remains.

How Are Sales Leads Still Cloudy?

Whether you are using telemarketers or harvesting information from submitted online forms, businesses still do not seem to provide enough reliable information as the following demographic will show:

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The findings are taken from BtoB and as you can see, just roughly half of potential prospects actually give legitimate contact details when they submit their online forms. You also have the obvious indicator that marketers are not seeing eye-to-eye with buyers when it comes to what generates more of the information that they need.

Putting this all together though and it seems that both sides have an equal share of inconsistency. Marketers are not offering the right value while buyers have to realize the implications of giving false information. Regardless, marketers themselves can have much to do that can help manage with both problems

  • Right value – If white papers appear to be getting you more inquiries, why not focus on them instead of wasting your budget on videos? And if you insist, you should at least try and find out what is it in your video and demo content that makes it all less appealing. You can also train them to expand their range of tools and use them more effectively.

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  • More thorough assessment – Using more tools or giving more attractive offers is not enough when half the information is always fabricated. Improve the accuracy of your qualification process in B2B lead generation. Adopt policies that can root out prospects registering under too many online aliases. The addition of more channels should also be for the sake of clearing up what a singular one could not.

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Catching up with customer trends also means clearing up the smoke and haze they leave behind. Fortunately, the infographic also indicates that this is not really for the sake of hiding. But regardless of reason, clearing up such cloudy details will need more than a singular approach to qualify and generate sales leads.