Given the information-based nature of lead generation, your process can be an alternative source of news regarding other businesses. But while some news can entail opportunities for your lead generation campaign, you have to be careful if one particular piece of info means you will be fighting in a battle for succession.

Lead Generation – The Town Crier Announcing An Open Position

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Dare ye fight in a war of succession?

Imagine your merchant services are indeed serving old, classic merchants. Your lead generation services are the people who travel hearing news for your company (or guild even). The news itself represents the merchant services leads that indicate possible opportunities for work. All of a sudden, while everyone is in the mead hall, in comes your news gatherer announcing that an important position in the kingdom is suddenly open!

Naturally, it sends everyone buzzing (including yourself). You are all excited to have your group selected to take up such an important job (and an advantageous position). But beware, this is where your lead generation process could also be leaving out a lot of details. There have always been cases (real and fictional) where much conflict arises from people fighting to succeed an open position.

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Conflicts like this are an instant recipe for drama and stress unless your lead generation strategy obtains more facts prior to jumping right into the fray. Some of the most important facts include:

  • Your predecessor – Why was the position vacant in the first place? What happened to the previous provider? Did they do something wrong? Did something happen to put them out of business? All these are actually basic facts for any lead generation process because you would want to know what mistakes to avoid.
  • Your competitors – A battle for succession implies selection events like tournaments or elections. In your case, your B2B lead generation strategy should gather more information on who your rivals are. It’s a staple tactic in any competition and it is no different among lead generation campaigns.
  • Your other prospects – Finally, is it even worth participating when your lead generation strategy still acquired you some other prospects to serve? They may not be in any high positions in the market but they are still your customers. Before participating to win the patronage of a major client, make sure it will also benefit your smaller ones.

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Always be wary of what news you hear from your lead generation process. Each bit might sound like opportunity but it is always best to look before you leap. When the most promising merchant sales leads result in a fight for succession, be prepared to fight your hardest!