lead generation telemarketing, telemarketingIf you’re planning to do lead generation telemarketing but have no idea on how to do it, well then, you’re not going to like the end results. When you make use of B2B telemarketing for lead generation, you’d best have a plan in mind as to what you need to do in order to get the best results. At often times, however, even the best laid plans don’t exactly play out how we want them to.

So, just how exactly does a successful telemarketing campaign play out? When lead generation telemarketing to increase saleability is involved, proper planning is needed so that you get the best results possible from your campaign. You also need to invest much time and effort into your plans. As such, here is a three step plan you can use in order to prepare yourself for your telemarketing campaign:

Plan it.

As said above, multiple times to note, you really need to plan your telemarketing campaign. Starting from the formulation of your call script down to how you end each call, everything demands your attention. As such, it can be said that a successful and truly effective telemarketing campaign is born from the minds of those who plan it down even to the most minute of details. Try asking yourself these question:

  • Who am I calling? – You obviously have a target market. Your target market and your prospective clients and customers within it are the people you want to and need to be calling.
  • Direct sales or appointment setting? – Is your product something that you can sell directly through the phone? Or do you think you’ll get better results from meeting with your prospects. Take a look at your product and decide whether it is sellable through the phone, or if you really need to meet with your potential clients and customers.
  • How should I follow-up my B2B leads? – Following-up any B2B leads you generate is still part of your telemarketing campaign. As such, how will you do it? Will you do follow-up calls, or will you use email? Take note that a good combination of emails and calling is quite effective.

Test it.

If you want to find out how well you’ve planned your telemarketing campaign, then maybe you should put it to the test. Carry out a trial run for a set duration of time and see for yourself how your campaign goes. But before you start testing, you have of course planned all the details, right? If so, then run your campaign for a month or so, or maybe even longer. Also, make sure to try and execute it during months when you’ve observed that you make the most profit, and also in months where you make the least profit. This is so that you can get more results to work with.

Assess it.

Let’s assume that you’ve already gone through the above steps. You’ve planned your campaign. You’ve tested it out to get results. Now, the time has come for you to gather your findings and assess how effective your lead generation telemarketing campaign is. Did you generate more leads than you did before? Were you able to increase your sales using leads generated through telemarketing? And most importantly, was it able to generate enough of a profit to outweigh your initial investment into the campaign? These are just some questions you can ask in order to gauge the effectiveness of your campaign.

So, do you think it’s time for you to make use of lead generation telemarketing? If you do think so, then plan it, test it, and assess it.