Have you ever play the “Trust Game?” with your family or friends? I bet you often play this with your wife or boy/girlfriend. Well, if you do play the game, you often hear something like this before “If you can’t look at me for 5 seconds then that means you’re lying” Well, truth be told that the eyes hide our true intention. So if you ever try to cover up something, I suggest you don’t. Because no matter what you do, your eyes will betray you in the end.

Trust is one of the few things we hold dear too. If a person broke our trust, it’s hard for them to earn it again. It may take a couple of months or year but once they earn it, it won’t be the same anymore.Eyes-980x400


You might wonder “Are you serious? Why do we need to trust them? They’re all scammers” I’m in no position to correct your perception about them because some of ARE scammers. But remember that human being are unique individuals so let’s not generalize them.

There are some marketers that can’t be trusted and some can, that’s a fact. And there are consumer or customers that can be trusted and can’t. That’s how the world works.  But of course, I’m speaking as a consumer marketer and I can honestly tell you that if we want to do business with you. We won’t lie to you and we will give what we can in order for you to be satisfy


There are some marketers that will make you feel comfortable in order for them to make a sale. Well, it doesn’t mean that we are taking advantage of you. It means that we are being friendly as our company. As a human being, we are captivated by how well a person talks, sings or even by his/her own actions. But it doesn’t mean we gave our full trust with them right? So it depends on us to say “We Trust You, Don’t Let Us Down” but of course, we may never know how a person thinks but we can know if we can trust that person through his/her eyes.