Discussing a prospect’s position is par for the course in any lead generation campaign. Software companies for example are very specific with which decision makers to target in a prospect company. It also happens to be one of the most difficult stages in the lead generation process. Sometimes a prospect will throw you off or may even be just recently assigned. It is one of the points when information becomes obscure.

Lengthening Your Lead Generation Process Solely To Discuss A Position

Lead Generation, Sales Lead Generation, Sales LeadsThe target decision makers are one of the most important sources of information that will determine whether or not your software leads push further into your lead generation process. Still, recognizing common obstacles can help in the long run via a common set of trained responses.

  • They may throw you off – Some of the ways prospects do this can range from outright lying or even just putting a gatekeeper in your way. Know that these are all natural, defensive reactions and have been tackled by many lead generation experts long before you started your own campaign. Diversify your lead generation tools and tactics to appear less intrusive so they will not have reason to raise their guard.

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  • They might just be new – Sometimes a prospect may have recently assigned to that position and is still getting used to their job. This a good opportunity for your lead generation campaign provided that you do not appear to be taking advantage of their ignorance. Furthermore, sometimes it may be best to follow-up slowly and wait for them to fill in the shoes first.
  • They might be just plain honest – You never know when you will find yourself in a company with a different structure or work place culture. This is something your sales lead generation strategy has to get used to via flexibility. Not everyone bearing the same title is in charge of the same processes or departments. Learn to discuss more facts before qualifying if this is the case.

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Today, much of traditional corporate structure is facing new challenges and changes that have an impact on the roles played by certain company positions. If your lead generation strategy falls behind then do not be surprised if you are generating fewer and fewer software sales leads as time goes by.