In the world of B2B marketing, it’s still a knee-jerk reaction to dismiss a consumer approach to new lead generation tactics like social media and content.

But like it or not, the success of those mediums in the B2C sectors is getting hard to ignore. Given the craziness that often characterizes Facebook, YouTube, and other mainstream social media platforms, it’s hard for B2B marketers to not feel both envious and spiteful at the success of such unorthodox methods.

How do you deal with this age of social craziness?

Well perhaps even the idea of redefining crazy means that trying to be the definition of sane is no longer good for marketing and business. Business icons like Steve Jobs and the Google founders certainly embraced this call to be different from those who still enjoy giving a mainstream corporate impression.

Still, perhaps it’s really never good to jump on the bandwagon. No matter how successful YouTube stars are or how trendy brands have been on Twitter, there’s got to be more to it right?

  • They know what exactly they are doing – Don’t be fooled. Sure it seems like Pewdiepie’s only value proposition is his crazy blurbs and stupid in-game antics but is it really? Actually, no. It’s the fact that he delivers something to his viewers. That’s what he’s actually doing. What about your marketers? What exactly are they delivering to your potential clients?
  • They share something that is worthwhile to the audience – Believe it or not but it’s these crazy social stars that actually demonstrate how effective it is to deliver something relevant. Antics are relevant to an audience that enjoys the gags. Business prospects engage in marketing that helps them deal with the daily going-ons of their office life. It’s all works the same, regardless of the subject!
  • They’re human – And as tiresome as it sounds, yes, it’s also because they show themselves to be pretty human. They’re not an organization of out-of-this-world problem solvers. In your case, you could just be a problem-solver, seeking to understand their clients better and not just for the sake of meeting a sales quota.

So while you may not necessary need to create the next viral hit or generate followers by the millions, what these social superstars can teach you is something fundamental to surviving the of social craziness.