During the course of your financial services lead generation campaign, you might encounter prospects who more less want you to substitute for their financial advisor. On one hand, that sounds like a good thing and it means this prospect could be a long-term client. On the other hand, playing the substitute could also mean your lead generation strategy plants the wrong ideas in to prospect’s heads.

Use Lead Generation To Screen Our Prospects Who Pick You As A Wrong Substitute

When your business is substituting, it means you are filling in for what would usually be in the position you are occupying. In the case of some financial services, it could mean anything between standing in as a source of money management advice to an unfortunate dummy replacement. Your lead generation strategy screens out the latter because they only thing prospects will use you for would be as a:

  • Test Dummy – Test dummies are one of the most highly abused inanimate object in the world. Problem here is your firm is not equipped to withstand the business equivalent to a car crash. You need to spell it out in your lead generation plan that you do not want financial leads that end up expending your resources to experiment with risky ideas that could cripple you beyond how much you made with the sale.
  • Practice Dummy – This is the same with the test dummy but it could arguably be worse since there is only one thing a target dummy is used for: taking a hit. Do you want your lead generation process bringing in angry clients who are just likely to blame you for everything that goes wrong? It is better to have clients who are willing to be more enlightened than that.

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  • Decoy – This is a mix of a test dummy and a practice one. At first glance, your lead generation process did not find anything wrong with the possibility of working with a particular client. The next thing you know, there is a sudden change. That ‘business’ suddenly disappears and you are left being the scapegoat. Odd thing is your lead generation process should have had the means to pierce through such guises.

Being the right kind of substitute means your sales lead generation strategy asserts you have a mind of your own despite being willing to serve your customers. There are advantages you can give and things companies like yours have every right to deny.

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Prospects who simply see you as something disposable are the most dangerous kind and no lead generation campaign should consider qualifying such people. Make sure your funnel is only full of qualified sales leads that do not treat you like a disposable double!