You do not just use lead generation tools to learn about prospects. It is also possible to use it to learn about competitors. After all, your competitors are one of the biggest reasons why you need a good lead generation strategy in the first place. The IT industry is in a constant state of innovation and competition because new tech can grow old in a short span of time. Your lead generation campaigns should keep you in the loop on everything that happens, from the actions of competitors to their very failures!

Does This Mean Using Lead Generation To Rub Failure In A Competitor’s Face?

Lead Generation, IT Lead Generation, Sales LeadsContrary to what you are thinking, this is not about taking some sort of delight in the failure of the competition. A good lead generation strategy gathers information wherever it may be and in any form that it appears. It just so happens that there can be a lot of information found in a competitor’s failure to serve an IT prospect.

Imagine it like this, this prospect is akin to a king who has a dragon problem. You and your competitors are the many knights and warriors who happen to have learned of this king’s plight in the course of your lead generation campaigns. You all assemble around the dragon’s lair and you even feel intimidated by perhaps one or two who have generated more IT leads than you in the past.

Yet while you resign yourself to seeing these competitors emerge triumphant, you are shocked to hear their troops getting tossed out, screaming “Run away!” and utterly annihilated as they flee from the cave. So what is the next step of your own lead generation campaign? Well first off, you do not:

  • Make fun of your competitor – They are already down for the count. Again, this is not about using a competitor’s failure to boost your ego. It is to boost the success of your own lead generation strategy and no, they are not the same.

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  • Run away as well – Another natural reaction is to feel even more dispirited and panic yourself. Then again, this is easier to sympathize with. You might wonder about what chance does your IT lead generation campaign have when that of your competitor’s was no match. Still, take heart! Never forget that both of you have the same chance!

So instead of either of these, what do you need to do that will not only give respect to your competitor but also bring success to your IT firm? Answer: You observe your competitor. Be analytical when it comes to their mistakes, not condescending. Use your lead generation strategy to process the information with salespeople and see what you might do differently.

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The best thing about failure will always be the value of learning. However, do not just limit this learning experience to the failures of your own lead generation tactics. Look to your competitors as well and see what you can learn from their failed IT sales leads.