Never despair when your great software lead generation campaign suddenly comes crashing down to a halt because you mead a spectacular mistake. The consequences might hurt but great failures will always be great opportunities for great learning. Your lead generation campaign is not down for the count just yet! Use that great opportunity to learn in order to raise it back up!

Think Of Lead Generation Like The Great Wall Of China – A Great Failure

Lead Generation, Software Leads, Qualified Sales LeadsDespite its name, it is actually a commonly known fact that the Great Wall of China never actually served its purpose. It was scaled by northern invaders several times and it took several dynasties before construction reached to what currently stands today. That can sound like your lead generation campaign if, despite all your efforts and the resources you pooled, it failed to deliver in the end.

Does that mean future lead generation campaigns have no hope? Should you stop the one before you waste any more? Going back to the Great Wall, there were still merits to its construction despite the failure to fulfill its initial purpose. The whole thing was still an impressive feat of engineering for its time. Its construction may have been a dark side but not even that coupling with its failure was enough to deny the legacy it left to today’s Chinese. You can use that same reasoning to keep going forward with your lead generation campaign and ultimately lead to its redemption.

  • Focus on the impressive – Suppose you are looking for qualified sales leads but you decide to use traditional B2B marketing methods like telemarketing and business conventions along with online lead generation. A combination like that has become increasingly popular of late but that does not make this lead generation strategy less potential to connect with more prospects. Utilizing different channels is a capacity that should be honed, not discarded!

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  • Make use of other purposes – Despite the failure of any main objective, your lead generation campaign has still benefited from the engagement with prospects and you now also know what it takes to get them qualified. Many in the B2B software industry think in a similar way and not just stick to the achievements of singular functions. The most sophisticated systems focus on streamlining multiple business tasks.
  • Fill the holes – And of course, you cannot forget the simple act of knowing what not to repeat again. If something has clearly been a significant factor behind a failed software lead generation campaign, deal with it as a top priority. If insanity is repeating the same lead generation error expecting different results, learn to do things differently all the time! (It is certainly what many emperors did with the Great Wall).

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The above measures are just some of the many tried-and-true responses to great mistakes. It is not the end of the world, much less the end of your lead generation campaign. Focus on what lets you generate business software leads, like erp software leads, in a big way. Make use of what other information acquired in your lead generation campaign. Avoid making the same error twice!