Some sales people thrive on the stress of an incoming deadline and it’s a skill that can take one to higher positions in business. But for others, particularly those at the bottom, stress at work may have harmful effects. How do you manage your lead generation campaign to benefit either one? Answer: Watch for the signs.

Stress can sometimes be a contributing factor to health issues like clogged arteries, (alongside smoking and lack of exercise). On the other hand, stress also releases adrenalin, the so-called fight or flight hormone. This causes the heart to pump blood faster for dealing with a problem.

But if, for instance, the heart has a restricted blood supply, it may be unable to cope with the demands of a given situation.

And while it’s not believed to be a direct cause of heart disease, it can lead people to adopt unhealthy lifestyles. The symptoms of which include:

  • Shorter lunch breaks
  • Eating too much ‘instant’ food
  • Other unhealthy addictions

These symptoms are one reason why you should evaluate the stress-related behavior of your salespeople and adjust your lead generators accordingly.

What to do:

Make an effective deadline by breaking down what needs to done. You can use it by organizing lead information into an easy-to-read format like a list, a profile, etc. That way they’ll spend less time sitting in front of the computer because information is more organized (and less overwhelming). It also makes it easier to review in case your sales rep wants to make some changes to their meeting plan.

To meet a deadline, they also need to plan according to the amount of time available. Some would like their sales work quick but it’s best to actually divide your work in chunks of least several hours a day. It builds a habit of effectively working towards a deadline and actually getting things done.

What to avoid:

Have you ever tried putting pressure on yourself to get some work done only to fill yourself with more angst? Too much pressure and guilt produces less than what’s necessary because of mental distractions and negative thoughts.

A deadline is supposed to help your reps kick things in gear. But if they just pick a random date, while having lost all incentive for that appointment, then you’re wasting the resources of your lead generators. Too much focus too much on getting things done instead of getting things right might not prove as efficient as you believe.

There is value in giving them time to think. It might look like they’re putting off new leads but they might end up with a fresh new perspective once they do. The quality of the work is more important than the deadline.