In lead generation, there will always be pointless debates about the age of a certain method and whether or not such practices still work. If it has been shown to work, then skeptics focused on the age as if it discredited its place in modern lead generation strategies. If it was proven to fail in light of recent times, the supporters of the obsolete means use age as well as if its ancient use was somehow still relevant.

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 Lead Generation, Financial Lead Generation, Financial LeadsThis debate expands to many other industries besides marketing and lead generation. At the heart of them all though is not really how old a certain method is but how well they can keep up with today’s business world. Can it really still serve as a great advantage? For example, in financial services, the practice of storing one’s own wealth in their own vault (versus a bank) constantly comes under fire.

Yet on the other side, there are still those (admittedly on the fringe) who have such an intense mistrust of any financial institution. If your firm targeted that market for lead generation, you would have already entered the debate yourself. Once that happens, it is important to ask yourself the following questions instead of getting caught up on whether or not something worked in the past:

  • Why did this work before? – Be it for financial leads or financial practices, why did a particular method work before? Was it because the technology for it was new? Did it beat a previous way of doing things? Lead generation is not just about gathering information on prospects but also on facts that are relevant. That includes knowledge on what worked before why it ever became a part of history.

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  • What is stopping it from working now? – Once you learn what used to work before, your lead generation strategy should see what is keeping itself (or your financial services) from making use of it again. Did it inspire actual laws against it? Were customers annoyed or was it simply the case of losing out to another method that proved itself better?
  • Is there any hope of revival? – The answer to this question is sometimes yes and sometimes no. In lead generation for accounting leads, insurance lead or financial planning leads for example, you should not be afraid to actually test a method provided that the answer to the previous question was not sufficient enough to discount it either on a legal or marketing basis. Some things can still work but you will never know if you are too scared to find out.

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Answer these questions honestly and your lead generation strategy will generate financial leadswith your only focus being on what continues work now. This logic extends to whatever financial method you or your prospects deem to outdated to apply.