No, it’s not a Kanye West song. The blame game is a habit that most of us tend to do, we focus on blaming rather than fixing or solving the problem as a team. Marketers are always playing this game, but of course in secret.

We all make mistakes, nobody’s perfect. And by that, we don’t need to play the Blame game when someone commits mistakes right? But judging the way we think, we will always blame people if they commit a mistake, even if it’s a minor mistake.blame-game-smaller

In marketing, Mistakes are unacceptable, that’s what I’ve heard so far. And I guess it’s pretty true too, judging how people are too afraid to admit that they committed a mistake. One mistake can lead to a bad performance or a bad review. Which is unacceptable in companies that have a good review. Or your personal performance sheet.


Where’s the supporting cast?

One thing’s for sure, you will always say, “How can we do this if we don’t have all of your support” Well, It’s true that in some situation, you need everyone supports, but how can you get that support if you, alone, are not listening to what others have to say? If you want everyone support, then you might accept what they are capable of doing. Even if it’s just a minor skill, it’s still helpful.


No one wins in the blame game

After all of those blaming, what now? Do you expect that everything will go to the way it was? Of course not. After all, everyone is different in handling that sort of event in their lives. Well, for me. I tend not to interact with that person anymore. Why? Because I accepted the fact that we, as a team, made a mistake. And if that person only pointed his/her finger at me. Then I know I can’t trust that guy anymore.


Accept the fact that it’s a team mistake

No one wants to be blamed, this is a common fact. But we are just human beings. We learn, feel, raise and even teach. Accepting that it is a team mistake might help you get to know your co-workers well.