When most of your merchant services leads seem to come from prospect’s wanting the same thing over and over, you can be really prone to surprise. That is not a bad thing but you should be prepared for what can come next when one of your recent sales leads comes from a prospect who is thinking of trying something new.

Qualifying Sales Leads Despite Unexpected Expectations

Cash Advance Leads, Merchant Services Lead GenerationThink of your organization as a supplier of cogs. How do you know that, from among the many business leads you get each day, one of them is in fact planning to make a new product of their own with what your products? The answer lies in how you qualify these and if they exhibit the following signs:
  • They do not tell you immediately what they want – Sales leads with too little details normally would not even be considered such. However, an exception can be made provided they at least strongly meet the basic qualifications of budget, authority, need etc.

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  • They have somewhat unusual specifications – You should not quickly assume that qualified leads, like cash advance leads or POS system leads, will mean impossible demands for your business. They might want you to do something that is simply unorthodox but it will make sense if you decide to see this from a prospect’s perspective.
  • They will let you in on it if you are eager about it as well – Speaking of which though, seeing things from a prospect’s perspective also requires that you should be somewhat supportive of their little venture. If you are not keen on helping them, well you might as well just resume qualifying.

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  • They can promise future business – One really good reason to consider them though is that sales leads like this can result in really fruitful, long-term business relations. The reason is obvious: if they succeed, they would want you to keep providing or else they would be out of a resource.

Business ventures do not always need some kind of merger or special process. Sometimes it can be as simple as finding one business during an merchant services lead generation campaign who turns out to have dreams that just need a little bit of your help!